TUC Sponsored Programs

Updated expenditure policies and procedures on RSP - effective June 14, 2019

June 17, 2019

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


Please be advised that the attached expenditure policies and procedures have been updated. Below is a summary for each policy. Please take a moment to also review the attachments as they cover the policies and procedures in detail.





Though there is no significant change in the policy, please remember that all advances must be cleared prior to the end date of the project. Attached document details procedure and rules on how to obtain an advance and clearing advances.


Signature Authority on a sponsored project

A signature authorization form is required for each sponsored project and must be submitted prior to submitting expenditure or payment request to TUC. The attached policy details the use of the form and the levels of approval for different payment requests.

Signature Authority

Cost Transfers

The cost transfer document covers policy and procedure for an after-the-fact transfer of actual expense from one fund to another, including requirements needed to submit the request, deadlines of submission, and approvals needed to process the request.

Cost Transfers

Purchase orders (PO)

TUC is subject to the non-procurement debarment and suspension regulations, which restricts awards, subawards and contracts with certain parties that are debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from or ineligible for participation in federal assistance programs and activities. TUC will be checking if a vendor is debarred or suspended prior to processing the purchase order. Policies regarding purchasing is covered under Purchasing via PO and Purchasing via Vendor Contract (for companies).

Purchasing via PO

Purchasing via Vendor

Independent Contractor

The procedure now requires :

  • Scope of work must explicitly and inclusively delineate all services expected of the independent contractor.
  • Request must also attach information pertaining to the Contractor’s expertise (e.g., curriculum vitae or resume of the contractor).
  • Requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the expected dates of the services.


Any work performed by the contractor before a fully signed contract or agreement is executed can be considered as having been done at the contractor's own risk and as volunteer work. PIs are responsible to ensure that a fully executed contract or agreement is in place before the work is performed in any sponsored project.


A checklist is also provided to assist PIs on how to determine if an individual should be considered a contractor.


TUC will be checking if a contractor is debarred or suspended prior to processing the request for independent contractor form.

Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor Checklist

Asset Management in a sponsored project

Assets (equipment, communication, and computer devices) paid for by an externally funded grant or contract must be tagged for tracking purposes. Attached document the includes procedure on how items will be tagged depending on how they were purchased. Assets will be reported to CSUN as soon as assets are received by the PI.

Asset Management


Major changes:

  1. Travelers must submit their travel claims via eTravel. The following exceptions may be done via paper form: expense claim with (1) multiple travelers; (2) multiple cost allocations; (3) allocated to a participant support account; and (4) only parking and mileage.
  2. Agenda or program of the event must be attached to expense reports.
  3. Travel Authorizations for domestic travel may be required if (1) a traveler is CSUN employee and authorization is required by the college/department; (2) grant requires pre-approval; and (3) destination is one of the restricted states under AB 1887 (travel approval form should be attached to the request). International travel still requires travel authorization.
  4. Total daily meal reimbursement cannot exceed $55 ($55 is not a per diem). Reimbursement for meals must be the actual amount spent on meals.
  5. International travel: Receipts are required for all expense line items of $75 or more.


Reminder: If expenses were charged on a p-card, receipts are required regardless of the expense amount.

 Reimbursement for Travel

 Faculty Release Time

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your respective Post-Award Analyst/liaison. 



Thank you,