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Update on CSU Travel Restrictions / AB 1887

August 15, 2017

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


We would like to provide you with an update regarding the travel restrictions under AB1887 ( GC § 11139.8)

 1. Currently, state-funded or state-sponsored  travel to the following states is restricted:


  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

 For a continuously updated list, please keep checking at https://oag.ca.gov/ab1887


 2. Monies that are appropriated by the legislature, either as part of the budget process or continuously appropriated (e.g., tuition and fees) may not be used to pay for travel to the current list of banned states unless the travel falls under one of the exceptions noted in the legislation:

 - Enforcement of California law, including auditing and revenue collection.

- Litigation.

- To meet contractual obligations incurred before January 1, 2017.

- To comply with requests by the federal government to appear before committees.

- To participate in meetings or training required by a grant or required to maintain grant funding.

- To complete job-required training necessary to maintain licensure or similar standards required for holding a position, in the event that comparable training cannot be obtained in California or a different state not affected.

- For the protection of public health, welfare, or safety, as determined by the CSU or other state agencies.

  3. Monies received by a campus auxiliary organization may be used for such travel, consistent with campus and auxiliary policies. Private funds may also be used for such travel.

 For more information please refer to the Chancellor’s Office memo dated July 27, 2017 at  https://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/travel-ab1887-pres-memo.pdf


 4.       IMPORTANT:

If you intend to travel to restricted states and you feel that you meet the exceptions in 2. and 3., you still will need to complete a “Request for Approval of Travel to Prohibited States Under Assembly Bill 1887”  (http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/travel-ab1887-approval.pdf ) and have it signed off by the Vice President Administration & Finance, before you travel.



For questions, please contact your liaison or me at x2698 or gjahn@csun.edu

 Best Regards,



Georg Jahn

Director, Sponsored Programs & Strategic Planning