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Summer 2018 Additional Pay

May 31, 2018

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


Below is an email communication from the Office of Faculty Affairs regarding the summer additional pay. Please note that the system is currently available, however, it is not 100% ready for use. Currently, the system is expected to be completely ready by June 7, Thursday.


Please note the following regarding summer additional pay:


  • Academic Year (AY) faculty can submit pre-authorization work up to 60 days (100%) on federal or federal pass through projects, and an additional 15 days (25%) on non-federal projects.
  • If you are working on a federal or federal pass-through project, you must choose “base salary pay rate” as payment type.
  • 12-month faculty have a total of 15 days (25%) available to use for additional work during the summer.
  • If teaching a summer course, 12-month faculty cannot do any other additional work, and must claim vacation days to make up for the overage of teaching a course.
  • FERP faculty cannot perform any summer work.


Important information to know regarding the additional pay system:


  • If you choose session 1, May 29 through August 21 will appear as the start and end date for the request.
  • Session 2 – May 29 through July 10
  • Session 3 – July 11 through August 21

Summer 2018 How To Guide

Please reach out to your respective liaisons, or to me, should you have any questions.


Thank you,