TUC Sponsored Programs

Research & Sponsored Programs Post-Award team: New Liaisons and College/Dept. Assignments

January 29, 2019

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:

 First, we would like to thank you for your support and understanding during these past challenging months. As you are aware, the Research and Sponsored Programs Post-Award office has experienced staff changes, as well as has undergone several contract reviews and audits in the past six months. During this time, the remaining staff have assumed additional responsibilities and worked tirelessly to support our PIs as much as possible.

 With all the changes come new opportunities, and so we are delighted to introduce our new Post-Award liaisons, Dakota Hughes and Matthew (Matt) Nyby. Dakota, who is a product of the CSU system, has a bachelor’s in Mathematical Economics from CSUSB and a Masters of Public Administration at CSUN. He has also previously worked for a family services agency that served low-income families in Los Angeles with educational and mental health services as a Contract Analyst. Matt, who is a CSUN alumnus, has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and has worked as a Financial Analyst since 2015.

 Please note that Leslie Zazueta will be on leave until April 6, 2019. During this transitional period, the liaison responsibilities will be as follows:


Post-Award Liaison

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

Dakota Hughes*



David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Michael Epping



Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Matthew Nyby*



College of Engineering and Computer Science

Matthew Nyby*

College of Health and Human Development, including Marilyn Magaram Center

Michael Epping

College of Humanities

Dakota Hughes*

College of Science and Mathematics:



Michael Epping

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Michael Epping

Geological Sciences

Michael Epping


Michael Epping

Physics and Astronomy

Grace Slavik



College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Grace Slavik

Oviatt Library, Extended Learning, Sustainability

Dakota Hughes*

University Administration, Student Services, BUILD

Grace Slavik

Strength United

Dakota Hughes

Matters concerning cost share and asset management

Mahyar Sadri



 *During this transition and training phase, please copy Grace Slavik on all your communications to Dakota Hughes and copy Michael Epping on all your communications to Matthew Nyby.

 In addition, we have restructured our department to add administrative support team who will be assisting the post-award liaisons so our staff can better serve you. Joining our team are Elizabeth (Liz) Zambrano, Patrick Mislan, and Cristian Contreras. Liz has been with The University Corporation for over 15 years and has served in multiple departments within the organization. Patrick has worked as an administrative support for seven years. And Cristian is a new CSUN alumnus who holds a B.S. in Marketing and Management and has previously worked with several departments on campus.

 Our main effort is always to provide excellent customer service while ensuring administrative and regulatory compliance. All our staff members will work with you to make your sponsored programs as successful as possible.

 Again, we thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to serving you.


 Grace Slavik