TUC Sponsored Programs

Registration for Workshops - TUC Additional Pay - New System as of Fall Semester 2016

August 9, 2016

Dear Principal Investigators, dear Research Administrators:

With the email dated August 3, 2016 (see below), Academic Affairs informed you about the implementation of a new campus wide, PeopleSoft based, electronic system for Additional Pay.

As a consequence, all faculty payment requests for Sponsored Programs, Agency Funds, Workshops and Endowments at TUC  must be processed through the new campus special pay system.  This applies to all payment requests for the Fall Semester 2016 and thereafter.  Paper-based ‘Faculty Payment Requests’ can no longer be processed for these time periods.


The new system consist of two steps:

1. "Pre-Authorization" of the payment prior to conducting the work.


2. "Request of Paymentafter the work has been completed.


Please note that Pre-Authorization is a new requirement for TUC payments and now a prerequisite for getting paid.  Requesting payment without going through the Pre-Authorization process will no longer be possible. Please plan and pre-authorize your payments as early as possible, preferably immediately at the time your grant is awarded.


The following guides are intended to acquaint and assist you with  the new process:

-          A brief PowerPoint presentation, providing an overview on the issue (click here);

-          A written training guide with screenshots that will guide you through both, the Pre-Authorization and the Request of Payment Process (click here);

-          A training video for the Pre-Authorization process can be viewed at https://youtu.be/jhpJQRIYi58 ;

-          A training video for the Request of Payment is currently in production and will be released within the next two weeks;


The University Corporation in cooperation with Faculty Affairs and IT is also organizing two training workshops on TUC Additional Pay on the following dates:

-         Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 9 am  (Oviatt Library, Room OV-16, HR Training Room)

-          Wednesday, September 7, at 2 pm (Oviatt Library, Room OV-16, HR Training Room)


To register for these training workshops, please email me at gjahn@csun.edu .

For any further questions, please contact your respective Liaison,Grace Slavik at x 3498, or me at x 2698.

Best Regards,

Georg Jahn
Director, Sponsored Programs & Financial Services