TUC Sponsored Programs

Potential Impact of Government Shutdown on Sponsored Programs

January 22, 2018

Dear Principal Investigators:


We would like to provide an update on the potential impact of the federal government shutdown on your sponsored program. Some of you may have already received some notification about the shutdown from your granting agency.

The shutdown affects TUC’s/CSUN’s ability to communicate with funding agencies, submit proposals, receive new awards, and draw down funds for federally funded projects. It likely will also impact the invoicing of pass-through projects involving federal funds. However, at this time no action by the Principal Investigators is necessary. Please note that established deadlines for reports and other deliverables must still be met unless the agency has issued written notice to the contrary.

Actual funding amounts are not expected to be reduced. However, since TUC may not be able to draw down or invoice for many federal projects, we will have to advance funds. TUC has the financial capacity to provide bridge funding for processing payroll and expenditures and to ensure continuation of your projects for several weeks.

We hope that the federal budget crisis will be resolved within the coming days. If there is no resolution in the next few weeks, we will contact you again to discuss further measures that might be necessary. Since the various funding agencies are handling the shutdown differently, projects may be affected differently.

The University Corporation will continue to closely monitor the situation. We are committed to minimizing the impact of the shutdown on your project and will keep you updated on any new developments. Please contact your liaison, or me, if you have any questions.


Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate the federal government shutdown.


Rick Evans