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New version of eTIME

April 6, 2018

TUC Payroll has just upgraded our eTime electronic timekeeping software to the latest version.  Your login credentials remain unchanged, but the new version has a substantially different look.


·         The Go-Live conversion to the newest version of eTime is complete; below is the new link:



·         Attached are Quick Reference Cards for both hourly and salary employees (these documents are also available on the payroll page of the TUC website).

TUC eTime v8 Hourly 

TUC eTime v8 Salary


·         Since eTime uses a Flash plug-in, campus IT has created a policy that will automatically enable flash and authorize the new eTime website in Google Chrome.  In order to connect to eTime from off campus users will need to use VPN (https://www.csun.edu/it/vpn).



Warm Regards,

 Cindy Estrella