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Minimum Wage Increases for Exempt employees

November 6, 2019

Dear Principal Investigators:

As some of you may be aware, the California state minimum wage will increase annually until January 1, 2023.  These annual increases also impact the minimum salary requirements for exempt employees.

Exempt employees are positions that are not entitled to receive overtime compensation and, currently under the California law, must earn a fixed monthly salary of at least double the state minimum wage for full-time employment.

Employers have the option of raising salaries for exempt employees above the threshold or reclassifying employees to non-exempt (if applicable).

Below is the California Minimum Wage increase schedule for exempt employees. Please consider this when rebudgeting in your current grant or preparing to submit any proposals:

Effective date

Monthly Salary

Annual Salary

January 1, 2020



January 1, 2021



January 1, 2022



TUC Human Resources department has informed Principal Investigators who will be affected by this change in 2020. However, if you have any questions regarding classification of the employees working in your grant, please contact TUC Human Resources:

  • Bridget Salinas, Human Resources Technician – ext. 2687
  • Michelle Alcaraz, Human Resources Technician – ext.  3648

For questions regarding rebudgeting in your grant, please reach out to your Post-Award liaison.

Thank you,