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IMPORTANT: Revised TUC P-Card Procedure (Travel Expenses and Compliance)

January 12, 2018

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


As a result of a recent audit and in order to comply with internal control requirements, TUC is required to revise its policy regarding the use of the TUC P-Card for travel related expenses, as follows:


All travel expenses paid with a P-Card must be supported by:


•          A receipt


•          Documentation that states the purpose of the travel.


Documentation supporting the purpose of the travel can be a conference agenda, meeting notes, or a brief written statement of purpose by the traveler.


All documentation must be submitted at the time of the monthly approval, coding, and reconciliation of credit card charges. Please note, that documentation to support the travel is also required, if the P-Card is used to pay for future travel. (e.g. airline tickets, reservation fees). “



At the same time, TUC is required to implement a strict P-Card compliance policy:


“Failure to comply with the procedures (including providing required documentation and conducting monthly reconciliations) will result in the following consequences to the Cardholder:


•          Non-compliance of more than 30 days after the respective monthly reconciliation will result in a temporary suspension of the P-Card, until the account is back in compliance.


•          Repeated and prolonged non-compliance may result in a permanent revocation of the P-Card.  



For your information, we attached the revised P-Card Program Manual and TUC’s revised P-Card Policy.

 TUC PCard Program Manual 2018

AC039 - Purchasing Card (P-Card) Policy 2017

As stated, TUC is required to implement the changes as a result of a recent audit and due to reasons of internal control. Your liaison will work with you, to limit the added administrative impact it may have for P-Card holders.