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Electronic Submission of TUC Forms

March 20, 2020

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:

We hope all of you are keeping safe during this trying period.

As the campus moves to a virtual environment, The University Corporation (TUC) would like to provide alternative means for you to submit your payment requests to us. TUC office will remain open as long as the campus is open, though most of our employees have moved towards working remotely. We encourage that most, if not all, requests follow the guidelines below as we try to increase social distancing as recommended by campus and the state. 

Request Type





ADP eTime

We encourage employees and supervisors to use this method as soon as possible. If you are not set up on eTime, please reach out to TUC Payroll department at tuc.payroll@csun.edu. Attached are the guides in using eTime.


Electronic submission via email

For those who are not in eTime, TUC will be accepting electronic submission per guidelines below.

1. Employee must complete the Excel payroll timesheet and send the file as an attachment to the Principal Investigator (PI), or an authorized signer of the project, with the statement below on its email body. Employee must send this using their CSUN/work email address.

“I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge that the attached timesheet above represents my work performed during the period covered by this request. Signed (employee’s full name)”.

2. PI, or the authorized signer of the project, will then forward the Excel timesheet using their CSUN/work email with the statement “I approve the attached timesheet” on the body of the email to tuc.payroll@csun.edu before the due date. 



Electronic Check Request

TUC Electronic Check Request is available in myNorthridge portal under The University Corporation pagelette. Attached are the submitter and approver guides to assist you in submitting your requests. Guidelines and questions regarding check request can be found in https://www.csun.edu/sponsoredprograms/reimbursements. You may also contact your Post-Award liaison if you have additional questions.



Purchase Orders and Independent Contractor Forms

Please send as an attachment all unsigned completed purchase orders and request for independent contractor forms to aptuc@csun.edu. Please remove or redact any level 1 protected data information on the form (https://www.csun.edu/it/protected-data). TUC Accounts Payable will then route the forms via AdobeSign for signature approval. Please contact Stacey Lord at stacey.lord@csun.edu for any questions.



Purchasing Cards (P-cards) activity reports and receipts

TUC will be accepting report approvals via electronic submission per guidelines below.

1. P-cardholders must still follow the guidelines set by the purchasing card manual regarding due dates and approvals.
2. P-cardholders will compile pcard activity report and back up documents (p-card packet) in an email. If documents are too large, please put them into a .zip file.
3. P-cardholders who are not PIs will then send their pcard packet using your CSUN/work email address to your PIs for review. PI will then submit the pcard packet to tuc.pcard@csun.edu with a statement of approval.
4. Pcard holders who are PIs, please send your pcard packet using your work CSUN/work email address to tuc.pcard@csun.edu with a statement of approval as well.



Human Resources Forms

Please send as an attachment all unsigned completed HR forms/files to HR_docu.b47ibkpaztj1dhxf@u.box.com. Your Post-Award liaison will route them for signature approval. Please label your attachments as follows: project number-document type-name of hire (example, 40015555-action request form-John Doe). Please contact your Post-Award liaison if you have any questions.

Please note that Live Scan is currently closed. We will not be able to process any hiring paperwork that involves LIve Scan.


PDF icon eTime Hourly User Guide

PDF icon eTime Manager User Guide

PDF icon eTime Quick Reference Guide

PDF icon TUC Electronic Check Request Submitter's Guide

PDF icon TUC Electronic Check Request Approver's Guide

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact your Post-Award liaison should you have any questions or concerns. Please take care of yourselves and have a great weekend!



Grace Slavik, Post Award Manager