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ASA-2016-28 Coordination of External Grants-Scholarships with Financial Aid

January 5, 2017

Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


We would like to inform you of Coded Memo ASA-2016-28 from the Chancellor’s Office regarding the Coordination of External Grants/Scholarships with Financial Aid (see attached) and its potential impact on stipends and tuition reimbursement paid to students from grants.


The Chancellor’s Office memo requires TUC to report ‘all sources’ of income of students, including grants/awards from engagement in various research projects, to Financial Aid. This does not only include stipends/scholarships to students, but also reimbursements for tuition, books, parking, and travel expenses. Depending on each individual’s situation, these payments may, or may not impact financial aid to students. Students are encouraged to contact their Financial Aid Officer to determine the impact.  TUC will reconcile all payments made to students with Financial Aid, as of the beginning of July 1, 2016.


Please note that salaries and wages paid to students will not be reported to Financial Aid.


Principal Investigators with questions are encouraged to contact Lili Vidal, Director Financial Aid and Scholarships at 818.677.2085 or at lili.vidal@csun.edu.




Georg Jahn

Director, Sponsored Programs & Strategic Planning


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