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Additional TUC eTravel Training

December 11, 2017


Dear Principal Investigators and Research Administrators:


Thank you very much for your interest in out eTravel training sessions. All currently advertised sessions are fully booked. We are looking to schedule additional sessions in the beginning of next year.


If you are interested in attending such training sessions, please reply to this email with the following information:


  1. Name:

  2. CSUN Extension:

  3. What type of training would you like to attend? General Overview (1 hour) or Detailed Hands-On (3 hours)


We will gather the information and set up additional training as soon as possible.


In the meantime, please be aware that you may also attend training for the CSUN version of eTravel. TUC’s version of eTravel is similar, it is not completely identical to CSUN’s version. However, it will provide you with a good substitute until TUC’s next training. You can find the schedule for CSUN’s eTravel training at https://www.csun.edu/finsys/sf-training-schedule .


Best Regards,