TUC Sponsored Programs

New & Active Projects

New projects are organized by the last four digits of the Project ID

Project ID Sponsoring AgencyProject TitleAward


Jet Propulsion LaboratoryMulti-Institutional Cooperation for Research Opportunities (MICRO): Engaging Undergraduate Students in Planetary Protection Research$20,00006/25/1809/30/18


American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund - ACSStructure and Stability of Oxyfluorides and Oxychlorides and their Relations to Catalytic Activities in Oil Refining Reactions$55,00007/01/1808/31/20


Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Material Development and Characterization for Energy Storage and Conversion Devices$24,96608/15/1806/14/19


National Science FoundationRUI: Limits to the Effects of Contemporary Evolution on Communities $564,91006/15/1805/31/19


Los Angeles Valley CollegeLos Angeles Reverse Transfer Pilot$100,00007/01/1706/30/19


National Science Foundation

RUI: Methodological and Theoretical Advances in the Perception of Multiracial Individuals



City of Los AngelesProgram Evaluation and Customer Satisfaction Surveys$129,49407/01/1706/30/18


Friends of the FamilyFriends of the Family Subcontract for Relative Support Services$24,90012/15/1712/14/18


Faraday FutureMetallurgical Analysis and Microstructural Studies of Different Combination of Multi-Metal Joints (RWS)$15,00004/03/1810/31/18


Validyne Engineering CorporationExperiment Evaluation Goals - Thermistor and Cantilever Beam$1,80005/01/1806/30/18


USC Earthquake CenterThe Effects of Separation and Dip Angle on Jumping Rupture in Thrust Faults$14,54505/01/1709/30/18


Los Angeles County Department of Public HealthLos Angeles County Sodium Reduction Initiative (LACSRI)- Survey of Sodium Knowledge, Use & Health Related Behaviors$70,51005/23/1809/29/18


National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Pattern and Process in the Abundance and Recruitment of Caribbean Octocorals$108,86604/01/1803/31/19


National Institutes of Health - NIHIdentification and Characterization of Factors Affecting Cytoskeletal Proteins - the Mediators of Bacterial Cell Shape$108,75005/01/1804/30/19


University of MassachusettsCSUN Inclusive Project$24,83112/01/1709/30/18


National Institute of HealthPredicting Risk Behavior in HIV+ Individuals: Examining a Neurocognitive Mode$145,00004/20/1803/13/19


Lily AcademyRecreation Institute for the Lily Academy$63,45006/03/1806/03/19


National Science FoundationPREM - Computational Research and Education for Emergent Materials$60,00006/01/1209/30/18


National Security AgencyCSUN Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program$89,99804/01/1803/31/19


Los Angeles Unified School DistrictProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools$13,99801/20/1805/18/18


Valley Cultural Center - VCCOwensmouth Art Nexus$1,50006/01/1705/31/18


US Department of AgriculturePathways to Lactation Consulting for Human Sciences Students$150,00003/01/1802/28/21


County of Santa BarbaraWorkforce Education and Training/Southern Counties Regional Partnership Service Contract$200,00003/01/1803/01/19


Eyedeal TechAdvanced Project Management Tools$100,00001/01/1812/31/18


Trustees Cal State UniversityWater and Energy Efficiency Retrofit is For the California State University$31,61712/01/1704/30/19


California Dept of Public HealthStrength United: Community Mobilization for Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault$107,00002/01/1801/31/19


UC Santa BarbaraSONGS Mitigation Monitoring Program, 2018-2019: Reproductive Output, Growth, and Food-chain Support of Fishes on the Wheeler J. North Artificial Reef$580,76201/01/1812/31/19


NAPA County Office of EducationCalifornia Adolescent Literacy Initiative (CALI)$9,00011/30/1706/30/18


Coastal Southern California Science and LearningIdentifying Conservation Units of Blainville's Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma Blainvillii) in Urban Southern California $7,50002/02/1802/01/19


LA County Dept of Public HealthZika Virus Vulnerability Analysis$17,95507/01/1606/30/18


Legislative Counsel Management of CaliforniaLegislative Counsel Management Training$80,98510/01/1712/31/18


JPLExtended Experimental Battery Life Tests Abroad CSUNSat$25,00001/04/1806/01/18


CA Department of Water ResourcesNHD/WBD Statewide Update Project 2.0$950,00011/01/1710/31/20


US Department of TreasuryThe Bookstein Low Income Taxpayer Clinic$14,10001/01/1812/31/18


UC Santa BarbaraWhatEvery1Says$80,70010/01/1709/30/18


Unite LA/Los Angeles Area Chamber of CommerceLos Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership$2,50012/06/1604/30/18


Disability Communcations FundExpanding the Pipeline: Training Future Professionals with Accessibility Mindset $99,00001/01/1812/31/18


Campus CompactStories that Connect Us$5,00009/01/1706/30/18


LA County Department of Children and Family Services - DCFSAdoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) - SPA 2$520,00001/01/1812/31/18


LA County Department of Children and Family Services - DCFSChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (CAPIT) - West San Fernando Valley$61,81001/01/1812/31/18


LA County Department of Children and Family Services - DCFSChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (CAPIT) - San Fernando Valley$62,61101/01/1812/31/18


LA County Department of Children and Family Services - DCFSChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (CAPIT) - Santa Clarita Valley$72,41801/01/1812/31/18


CSU Long BeachLINKED LEARNING AT CSU NORTHRIDGE: Credential, Master's and Ed.D.$25,00011/01/1704/14/19


US Department of TreasuryThe CSUN VITA Program$85,00008/01/1707/31/18


ToshibaVoltage Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy of Heavy Metal/FeCo/MgO heterostructures$30,00011/07/1703/31/18


Youth Policy InstituteLos Angeles Promise Neighborhood Community Survey$18,39811/01/1702/16/18


Alisa Ann Ruch Burn FoundationEvaluation of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Fire Prevention and Safety$83,13208/04/1708/07/19


Northeast Valley Health CorporationWIC - Based Dietetic Internship Program$60,00010/01/1709/30/18


LA County Department of Public HealthChampions for Change: Healthy Communities Initiative$315,00010/01/1709/30/18


JPLOperational Evapotranspiration for the State of New Mexico$87,64711/07/1704/15/20


National Science Foundation - NSFRAPID: Effects of Repeated Severe Storms on Shallow Caribbean Reefs and Their Changing Ecological Resilience$73,27511/15/1710/31/18


UCLAUniversity Consortium for Children and Families $556,88410/01/1709/30/18


The University of TennesseeGet Fruved Project$3,00008/01/1707/31/19


CSU Chico Research FoundationCalFresh Outreach at CSUN$52,53510/01/1709/30/18


JumpstartJumpstart Program$69,89109/01/1718/31/18


U.S. Department of Veterans AffairsImpact of Hand-Cycling Program$45,01609/01/1711/30/18


California Office of Emergency ServicesCalOES RAPE CRISIS PROGRAM NW16$292,55610/01/1709/30/18


California Office of Emergency ServicesCalOES RAPE CRISIS PROGRAM VN16$553,76010/01/1709/30/18


National Institutes of Health - NIHIs Assimilation Costing Asian Americans Their Health? Type 2 Diabetes in California's Asian American Populations$437,03008/18/1707/31/20


US Department of Education - USDEDeveloping California's Workforce: Creating Pathways for Latino Transfer$959,45510/01/1709/30/18


US Department of Agriculture - USDAPathways to Success for Hispanic Students as Registered Dietitians$250,00009/01/1708/31/18


UC RegentsCalifornia Subject Matter Project Grant for the Cal State Northridge Writing Project$27,66207/01/1712/31/18


#REF!Developing and Evaluating a Group-Based Social Skills Program for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) $6,50009/01/1707/05/18


US Navy Accurate and Rapid Determination of Beam Pointing Direction and Polarization of an Antenna Using a Smart Wall$25,00009/02/1703/01/18


CSU SacramentoCSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation - (NSF Funds)$15,00009/1/1708/31/18


CSU SacramentoCSU Louis Stokes - Alliance for Minority Participation - Senior Alliance (CO Found)$50,00009/01/1708/31/18


National Science FoundationAcquisition of New Excimer Laser Ablation System for a High Resolution ICPMS Facility$270,20809/15/1708/31/20


Pacoima Charter SchoolTaking Steps Together Partnership with Pacoima Charter School$7,99210/01/1706/05/18


UC DavisAdapting an Evidence-Based Practice for Children At-Risk for Autism for Diverse Early Intervention Service Systems$7,16007/01/1706/30/18


LA County Department of Children and Family Services - DCFSFamily Preservation Program San Fernando Valley$458,33309/01/1708/31/18


UC BerkeleyTransforming College Teaching: Statewide Implementation of the Faculty Learning Program to Improve STEM Undergraduate Teaching and Learning$39,42305/01/1708/31/18


US Department of Education - USDECSU, Northridge Student Support Services Program$232,26509/01/1708/31/18


National Science Foundation - NSFCollaborative Research RUI: Building a Mechanistic Understanding of Water Column Chemistry Alteration by Kelp Forests: Emerging Contributions of Foundation Species$259,17809/01/1708/31/18


US Department of EducationUpward Bound$277,13409/01/1708/31/18


US Department of EducationTalent Search San Fernando Valley Northcentral$284,16009/01/1708/31/18


US Department of EducationTalent Search San Fernando Valley Northeast$291,26409/01/1708/31/18


US ArmyAcquisition of an Ultrahigh Vacuum X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer for Research and Education Materials and Catalysis$410,79109/01/1708/31/18


UC RegentsSan Fernando Valley Science Project NCLB$34,98907/01/1706/30/18


UC RegentsSan Fernando Valley Science Project$48,26107/01/1706/30/18


Faraday FutureMechanical Performance, Misconstructural and Corrosion Evolution Studies in of the Resistance Spot Welding Aluminum Alloys for Automotive Application$30,00006/22/1701/22/18


Cal Poly PomonaDigitizing Southern California Water Resources: A Proposal of the Council on Libraries and Information Resources' Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives Program$38,27203/01/1702/28/20


National Institutes of HealthDynamics of the Activity of Antimicrobial Peptides at the Population and the Single-Cell Levels$435,00009/01/1708/31/20


National Institutes of Health - NIHCadherin Interactions in Ectodermal Derivative Fate Specification$145,00007/15/1706/30/18


City of Los AngelesLA City Gang Injunction Settlement Evaluation$240,25902/01/1706/30/18


UC RegentsMental Health Stipend Program (California Social Work Education Center/CalSWEC)$151,00007/01/1706/30/18


Southern California Earthquake CenterConstraining the Rheology of Brittle-Ductile Transition Rocks during the Seismic Stress Cycle$24,99905/01/1704/30/18


National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Creating an Upper Division Additive Manufacturing Course and Laboratory for Enhancing Undergraduate Research and Innovation$70,75509/01/1708/31/20


American Council on Exercise3 Wins ACE$90,00007/24/1706/30/18


North Los Angeles County Regional Center - NLACRCVan Nuys Family Resource Center and Library$135,66807/01/1706/30/18


North Los Angeles County Regional Center - NLACRCFamily Focus Resource Center$115,41307/01/1706/30/18


84.027AFamily Focus Empowerment Center$204,34907/01/1706/30/19


National Institution of HealthAntimicrobial Peptides: A Solution for Antibiotic Resistance?$29,35607/01/1706/30/18


National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Closing the Bulk Metallic Glass Data Gap in the Supercooled Liquid Region$323,90309/01/1708/31/20


National Science FoundationNetwork Landscape of Photothermal Flowering in Soybean$853,00108/01/1707/31/19


Department of Rehabilitation Workability IV$136,91807/01/1706/30/18


CA Department of Public HealthCommunity Mobilization for Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence & Teen Dating Violence$75,00007/01/1706/30/18


CA Council for HumanitiesUnderstanding the Lived Experiences of Grandparents as Parents and the and the Children in their Care through their Visual Stories and Testimonies $5,00005/01/1705/31/18


CA Division of Boating and WaterwaysBoating Safety Grant$42,00001/01/1612/31/17


Northwestern UniversityAtrial Arrhythmias and Ca2+ Waves in HF: Simulation and Experimental Studies


US Geological SurveyDynamic Rupture Modeling on the Hayward Fault, Northern California - Estimating Coseismic and Postseismic Hazards of Partially Creeping Faults.Collaborative Research: California St$23,35207/01/1706/30/18


Simons FoundationCollaboration Grants for Mathematicians$8,40009/01/1708/31/18


National Institutes of Health - NIHIntegrated Studies into the Genomic, Metabolic and Cultivable Diversity of the Human Gut Symniont Akkermansia Muciniphila$290,00007/12/1706/30/19


California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)CSUN - UCLA Stem Cell Scientist Training Program$554,00007/01/1706/30/18


LA Unified School District - LAUSDTCMS Training Proposal to LAUSD from CSUN$10,87606/01/1608/11/18


City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - North Hollywood$81,00007/01/1706/30/18


City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - West Valley$81,00007/01/1706/30/18


City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - Mission$90,00007/01/1706/30/18


City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - Foothill$81,00007/01/1706/30/18


National Institute of General Medical SciencesMARC U-Star at CSUN: Preparing Scientists Holistically$453,02806/01/1705/31/18


UC BerkeleyCalSWEC Title IV - E Social Work Training Program for FY 16/17$1,699,80307/01/1706/30/18


National Institutes of Health - NIHBUILD@CSUN - Pilot Project: Is Acculturation Putting Asian Americans at Risk for Diabetes and Obesity?$12,93107/01/1706/30/18


National Institute of Health - NIHImpact of Peer-Supported Physical Activity Program for College Students$28,81707/01/1706/30/18


National Institutes of Health Role of Multiple Antibiotic Efflux Pumps in the Removal of Cellular Metabolites$36,65407/01/1706/30/18


National Institute of Health - NIHBUILD@ CSUN$198,72707/01/1706/30/18


National Institute of HealthBUILD @ CSUN (Student Core)$4,239,45207/01/1706/30/18


National Institute of Health - NIHBUILD@ CSUN$830,27707/01/1706/30/18


CalVCB California Trauma Recovery Center GrantCalVCB California Trauma Recovery Center Grant$514,92207/17/1706/30/19


CA Department of EducationCalifornia Adolescent Literacy Initiative$7,50005/31/1706/30/17


Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationSolution to the Specificity Problem of Glucose Dehydrogenases$109,99806/01/1705/31/19


LA Department of Water and Power - LADWPSchools as a Conduct for Energy Conservation$45,00005/31/1705/30/18


National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Strain Localization, Shear Zone Connectivity, and Magma-deformation Interactons by Depth within a 65KM thicktranspressional contiential arc$106,45705/15/1704/30/20


Lily Academy of JapanRecreation Institute for the Lily Academy of Japan$51,30006/04/1706/03/18


Ten StrandsCalifornia Science Project Environmental Literacy Institutes 2017-2019$89,93604/01/1712/31/18


US Department of TreasuryBookstein Tax Clinic$92,00001/01/1712/31/17


Los Angeles Cleantech IncubatorLos Angeles Regional Energy Innovation Center$51,25008/17/1603/31/22


National Science Foundation - NSFI-Corps Sites - Type I: Harvesting an Innovation Ecosystem at a Diverse Regional comprehensive University of Business Incubation$199,33403/01/1702/28/19


National Security AgencyCSUN Russian Language & Culture Immersion Program$89,99704/19/1703/31/18


US Department of Agriculture - USDACharacterization of Tree Fruit Bacterial Communities During Harvest$150,00003/001/1702/28/19


UC Santa Barbara - UCSBLTER: MCR III: Long-Term Dynamics of a Coral Reef Ecosystem$257,32409/01/1608/31/18


UC Santa Barbara - UCSBLTER: MCR III: Long-Term Dynamics of a Coral Reef Ecosystem$257,32009/01/1608/31/18


CA Department of Water ResourcesNational Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Update and Training for California Department of Water Resources (DWR)$362,22303/20/1712/31/19


Friends of the FamilyThe CSUN VITA Clinic @ Friends of the Family$30,00001/01/1710/31/18


CSU Dominguez HillsCalifornia State University Japanese American Digitilization$10,00007/01/1606/30/18


UniHealth FoundationSelf-Management of Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) in Latino Males through Family Support$175,00202/01/1001/31/19


North Los Angeles County Regional CenterFamily Empowerment Team in Action (FETA)$206,45612/01/1612/31/17


US Department of LaborLos Angeles City, WIOA Eveuation 2016-2017$361,33307/01/1606/30/18


US Department of EducationThe Impact of New Mexico's Teacher Evaluation System on Student Academic Outcomes$78,23707/04/1606/30/18


Association of American Colleges and UniversitiesCommitting to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: Campus-Based Strategies for Student Success$20,00001/19/1606/30/18


Anthony & Jeanne Pitzker Family Foundation/Pitzker Care InitiativeSan Fernando Valley Scholars Network$70,00012/16/1611/15/17
41024890CA Office of Emergency ServicesLA City Victim Services (XC) Program$250,00007/01/1606/30/18
40044889National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationROSES-2016/Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences$110,44501/01/1712/31/18
41014888CSU ChicoCalFresh Outreach at CSUN$102,78511/14/1609/30/18
40014883National Science Foundation - NSFRUI/Collaborative Research: MSB-ECA: Mice-o-scapes: Using Isotopes to understand the effect of Climate and Landscape change on small mammal ecology over the past 100 years $181,63401/15/1712/31/18
44014881Northrop GummanWave in Nonlinear Transmission Lattice$30,00011/10/1606/30/18
40044880Space Telescope Science InstitutePhotoelectric Instability in Debris Disks Rings: One Theory to Rule them all.$12,16012/01/1611/30/17
41014878CSU ChicoHabitat Assessments in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta$31,45007/01/1606/30/17
41024876UC Los Angeles - UCLANSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$132,99609/01/1608/31/17
40054869US ArmyPredicting and Managing Migration: Insights from Age-Structured, Game-Theoretic, and Network Models$250,00004/20/1612/31/18
41024868UC Los Angeles - UCLAAssociate Director - Visiting Researcher (Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics)$251,28404/01/1607/30/17
40024864US Department of Health and Human ServicesAre You In? A Systems-Level Mixed-Method Analysis of the Effects of Quality Improvement Initiatives on Participating and Non-Part$295,87909/30/1609/29/18
40034862US Department of EducationLiterate Adolescents (LA) Intervention Model Demonstration Project$1,035,45708/01/1707/31/18
43014860USA FundsMapping the Labor Market Outcomes of the CSU 5 $289,85010/01/1609/30/18
43014858American Council of Learned SocietiesACLS Burkhardt Fellowship 2016-17$10,00008/01/1604/30/18
40994857Bureau of Ocean Energy ManagementGeological and Geophysical (G&G) Dataset Improvement$105,00010/01/1609/30/18
41024855CA Office of Emergency ServicesSexual Assault Response Team (XS) Program$306,11707/01/1613/31/19
43014854Conrad N. Hilton FoundationP3 Evaluation Proposal Supplemental$100,00009/01/1608/30/18
40034853U.S Department of EducationBridging the Gap: Enhancing AIMS2 for Student Success$2,394,61110/01/1609/30/18
40014851National Science FoundationCollaborative Research : Study of Long Term Variability Of Solar Chromospheric Activity in  Multiple Solar Cycles$79,14906/15/1605/31/19
40014849National Science FoundationDevelopment of a Device for Measuring Turbulence in the Air Above Telescopes that Observe the Sun$259,96509/01/1608/31/19
42014845Los Angeles Department of Water and PowerEngage, Educate, Empower: Effecting Energy and Water Conservation$137,18008/23/1606/22/17
40034839US Department of EducationUpward Bound San Fernando Valley - North Central$264,31609/01/1608/31/17
40024838National Institutes of Health - NIHNon-Transcriptional Mechanisms of PEAK1 Action During TGFbeta-Induced EMT$725,00001/13/1712/31/18
40034834US Department of EducationEducational Talent Search - San Fernando - Northeast$284,16009/01/1608/31/17
43014833Friends of the FamilyFriends of the Family Subcontract for Prevention and Aftercare$127,45203/01/1612/31/18
40994832US Forest ServiceUS Forest Service Region 3 National Hydrography (NDH) Spatial Data Update$527,00008/01/1612/31/18
40014830National Science FoundationAcquisition of an EPR Spectrometer for Research and Education$258,73908/15/1607/31/19
42014828LAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools-Summer 2016$1,51007/01/1608/23/16
42014827LAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools-Spring 2016$93805/31/1606/30/16
41024824California Department Of TransportationEstimating Service Life For Steel Pipein Non-Abrasive Environments$165,77107/27/1606/30/18
41024823US Department of JusticeChild Abuse Treatment (XT) Program$550,00004/01/1603/31/18
42014822North Los Angeles County Regional Center - NLACRCEarly Start Plus$174,18407/01/1606/30/18
40014821National Science Foundation CDS&E : Fast, Accurate Molecular Solvation Theory For Multiscale Modeling $374,86707/15/1606/30/19
43014820Neighborhood Legal Services of LA CountyComprehensive Legal Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)$90,00007/01/1506/30/18
41014817CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services CorporationCSUN's Better Together: CA Teacher Summit 2016$8,70505/31/1605/30/17
41024816CA Department of EducationFamily Focus Empowerment Center$204,76807/01/1606/30/17
42014815City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - Mission$90,00007/01/1606/30/17
42014814City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - West Valley$81,00007/01/1606/30/17
42014813City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team (DART) Program - Foothill$81,00007/01/1606/30/17
41024811California Department of Public HealthCommunity Mobilization for Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence & Teen Dating Violence$75,00007/01/1606/30/17
41024810California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)Unserved/Underserved Victim Advocacy and Outreach$173,09404//01/1603/31/17
40024804NIH - National Institute of HealthBUILD @ CSUN (Student Core)$3,466,19707/01/1606/30/17
40024803NIH - National Institute of HealthBUILD@CSUN (Research)$1,447,30607/01/1606/30/17
43014800Unite-LALos Angeles Educator Pathways Partnership$15,00001/01/1606/30/16
41024799Department of RehabilitationWorkAbilityIV$217,82207/01/1606/30/17
43014798Metropolitan Water DistrictImproving Water Conservation Behavior Among LA Renters by Understanding it's Causes$10,00005/01/1606/30/18
43014797Southern California Earthquake CenterLate Quanternary Slip Rate of the Western PintoMountain Fault, Morongo Valley, CA$22,00002/01/1601/31/17
42014796City of Los AngelesP3 Evaluation Proposal Supplemental$300,00003/01/1609/30/18
40014794National Science FoundationRUI: Development of Fast Scalable Adaptive High Order Methods for Solving the Boltzmann Equation$299,94706/15/1605/31/19
41024793California Department of EducationScience Framework Revision Writer$60,00001/01/1606/30/16
40034791U.S. Department Of EducationInclusive Preparation For Resourceful And Effective Professionals$491,12306/01/1705/31/18
43014786California ReleafTree Planting and Education in a Next Century Public School$18,58803/30/1606/30/19
41024785The Regents of the University of California - UC DavisAdapting an Evidence-Based Practice for Children At-Risk for Autism for Diverse Early Intervention Service Systems $7,16007/01/15 06/30/16 
40074784Department of EnergyNovel Fractional Quantum Hall Effect and New Topological Phase in Interacting Systems$230,00002/01/1601/31/18
40014775National Science FoundationRUI: Collaborative Research: Genetic variation as a driver of host and symbiont response to increased temperature on coral reefs$422,81304/01/1603/31/20
40014774National Science FoundationLTREB Renewal: Experimental tests of alternative states on intertidal shores$447,43005/01/1604/30/21
40024773National Health Institutes In vitro and in-cell investigation of the acid-stress chaperone HdeA$217,50004/01/1603/31/18
41024771University of California, Santa BarbaraSONGS: San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Mitigation Project Monitoring Program, 2016-17: Reproductive output, growth and food-chain support of fishes on the Wheeler J. North Artificial Reef, 2016-2017$521,41601/01/1612/31/17
40054770US ArmyDeformation of the MC-4 Ram-Air Canopy due to Control and Suspension Line Retraction$171,23803/21/1603/20/18
41024767UCLA - IPAMCulture Analytics $15,00003/07/1606/10/16
43014766University of PennsylvaniaHispanic Serving Institutions: Pathway to the Professoriate (HSI-PATHWAYS)$102,67801/01/1612/31/17
43014765New Economics for WomenCSUN VITA Clinic @ New Economics for Women - Canoga Park$15,00002/01/1603/31/16
42014763City of Los AngelesProgram Evaluation and Customer Satisfaction Surveys - SYEP$161,33607/01/1506/30/16
42014762LAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools-Spring 2016$8,91301/25/1605/27/16
40014761National Science Foundation CAREER: Fire lab investigation of stress-induced sleep in C. elegans$575,54303/01/1602/28/21
40054760AF Office Of Scientific Research An Experimental Investigation of how Robotic Learning and Cloud Based Information Affects Trust in Human-Machine Teaming Context$491,22107/01/1606/30/19
40024758National Institutes of HealthBuild@CSUN Pilot Project: Is Acculturation putting Asian Americans at risk for diabetes and obesity?$54,00007/01/1506/30/16
43014756California Humanities LGBTQ Foster Care Alumni Research Study $10,00012/31/1512/31/17
40994752U.S. Department of AgricultureFood Insecurity and Mental Health: A Closer Look at SNAP and WIC Participant $100,00009/18/1508/31/18
40024745National Institutes of Health BUILD@CSUN Pilot Project: Dietary effects on the functional diversity of the gut microbiome in children$53,98407/01/1506/30/16
42014744Ventura County Office of Education Taking Steps Together partnership $5,00010/01/1507/01/16
42014736North Los Angeles County Regional CenterFamily Focus Resource Center$84,65512/01/1506/30/16
43014734Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) Inc.CORAL: Coral Reef Airborne Laboratory $668,03408/12/1508/11/18
41014732California State University, ChicoCalifornia Broadband Testing #8$45,00009/15/1503/30/16
43014730University of Southern CaliforniaMeasuring Sustainment in Prevention Programs and Initiatives$54,66204/15/1503/31/19
42014729City of LA - Housing and Community Investment DepartmentFamily Source Evaluation 2015-2016$50,00004/01/1503/31/16
42014727City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team Expansion and Enhancement Project$66,18210/01/1509/30/17
40034726U.S. Department of Education TQP Evaluation Extention for A Teaching Residency Program in Special Education: Improving Achievement of Students with Disabilities in High-Needs Schools$688,58110/01/1509/30/18
42014724City of Los AngelesPerformance Management and Evaluation Systems$108,02507/01/1506/30/16
41024717The Regents of the University of CaliforniaCal State Northridge Writing Project - NCLB Funding (No Child Left Behind)$37,80707/01/1506/30/16
42014716LAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools$9,99608/24/1512/22/15
41014714University Enterprises (CSU Sacramento)CSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (NSF funds)$30,00009/01/1508/31/16
41014713University Enterprises (CSU Sacramento)CSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CO funds)$35,00009/01/1508/31/16
40054708Department of Amy, Office of Naval ResearchMultiscale Modeling of Aging Mechanisms in Energy Storage Materials$593,82308/15/1508/14/18
40014706National Science FoundationMRI: Acquisition of Computer Cluster for Data-Driven Discovery in Materials Research and Education$298,66009/15/1508/31/16
40034705U.S. Department of Education Center for Results in Education and Employment for Deaf Students: Research and Collaboration for System Change (CREED)$4,000,00010/01/1509/30/16
41024700CA Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development Song-Brown: Sustaining Diversity in Nursing Education $240,00007/15/1512/31/17
40014699National Science FoundationRE:-C^2: Research Experience in Community colleges$124,54709/01/1508/31/16
40014698National Science FoundationRUI: Extremal Combinatorics of Patterns, Correlation, and Structure $150,00009/15/1508/31/19
40014694National Science FoundationRUI: Functionalized bis (morindone-C, O-glycosides) for the molecular recognition of DNA in the major groove$286,74809/01/1508/31/18
43014692Resources Legacy FundSustainable Waste Management Profile Tool Development$30,00007/01/1506/30/16
40024691National Institutes of HealthA Preliminary Model of Physical Pain among Community-dwelling Multiethnic Older Women$217,50007/01/15 06/30/17
40034688U.S. Department of Education Student Support Services$220,00009/01/1508/31/16
40034684US Department of Education Talent Search San Fernando Valley Northeast$241,80509/01/1508/31/16
41024683California Department of Education 2015-16 Family Empowerment Centers$205,15507/01/1509/30/17
40024681National Institutes of Health BUILD@CSUN (Student Training Core)$2,042,89507/01/1506/30/16
43014679The Teagel FoundationLiberal Arts in the Professions$25,00006/01/1510/31/15
41024676UC Regents Mental Health Stipend Program (California Social Work Education Center/CalSWEC)$178,70007/01/1506/30/16
42014672City of Los AngelesProposition K Maintenance Funds for Brown Center $874107/01/1406/30/15
40044670NASALife in the Ancient Permafrost: A model for exobiology$791,91611/01/1510/31/18
43014668Children's Institute, Inc. (Cll)Parent Support Circles of Los Angeles County$132,00007/01/1506/30/16
43014664American Library AssociationLatino Americans: 500 Years of History$3,00007/01/1506/30/16
43014663University of ColoradoSolar Spectral Irridiance: Lyman Alpha, Magnesium II, and Sigma K Proxies$86,36005/01/1504/30/18
42014660City of Los AngelesDomestic Abuse Response Team(DART) Program- Foothill$81,00007/01/1503/31/16
49014654International Precision Technology Co. LTDDesign and Analysis of Vertical-Axis Turbine Blade for Electric Generator$100,79306/01/1506/30/18
49014653GNS ScienceClastic provenance studies in New Zealand$11,40005/25/1505/25/18
40024649The National Institute of HealthStudent -to-Scientist Bridge Program in Environmental Health Science (S2S Bridge)$422,03004/02/1503/31/19
40054646Office of Naval ResearchLarge Scale Modeling of Electron Dynamics and Excitations in Functional and Structural Materials $374,29802/02/1502/28/18
41024645University of California RiversideFramework for High School Science in California$26,00007/01/1406/30/16
43014644Texas State UniversityThe NASA-TSU STEM Educator Professional Development (EPD) Collaborative$160,00009/01/1408/31/18
40014643National Science FoundationThree Dimensional Thermal and Magnetic Structure of Sunspots$280,11504/01/1503/31/18
41024642UCLAUniversity Consortium for Children and Families $316,59804/01/1503/31/16
42014638Canoga Park Neighborhood CouncilPersephone & Me$1,00009/15/1406/30/15
41024630California Department of Public HealthRape Prevention Education (RPE)$110,00002/01/1501/31/16
41024628State Water Resources Control BoardBasin Plan Mapping$70,00001/29/1512/31/15
40054626US ArmyIdentification of Surface Defect Candidates and their passivation in Strained-Layer Type-II Superlattices for Infrared Detectors$215,40001/09/1507/08/18
40034624U.S. Department of EducationPromoting and Expanding Access to Modern China Studies at CSUN$142,95110/01/1409/30/18
42014623Ventura County Office of EducationBehavioral Clinical Psychology (BCP)-Ventura County Office of Education$5,00009/01/1408/31/15
40054621US ArmyAcquisition of Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry System for Investigation of Unsteady Flows$211,35602/01/1501/31/16
40034619US Department of EducationCollaboration Resulting in Educators Applying Technology Effectively (CREATE) Project$2,999,99901/01/1512/31/18
42014617LA County Department of Children and Family ServicesChild Abuse and Neglect, Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Services (CAPIT) - West San Fernando Valley$61,81001/01/1512/31/15
42014616LA County Department of Children and Family ServicesChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (CAPIT) - San Fernando Valley$62,61101/01/1512/31/15
42014610Glendale Unified School DistrictCalifornia Career Pathway Trust$613,66507/01/1406/30/18
41024597California Department of Public HealthCommunity Mobilization for Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence & Teen Dating Violence$75,00007/01/1406/30/15
40034596U.S. Department of EducationCharting Access for Hispanics Majoring in Needed Careers and Occupations in Healthcare (CAMINO)$1,704,97110/01/1409/30/18
43014595Dignity HealthCanoga Park Health Improvement Zone$77,15907/01/1409/30/15
40094594National Endowment for the HumanitiesNational Endowment for the HumanitiesOrigins and Development of the Black Sea Colonial System: Evacuations in the Early Greek Colony of Sinope, Turkey$275,00001/01/1512/31/18
40024591National Institutes of HealthRole of Slit Molecules in Neural Crest Delamination$486,93209/15/1408/31/18
40014583National Science FoundationRUI: Classification, Regression, and Density Estimation with Missing Variables$119,99909/01/1408/31/18
40024581National Institutes of HealthPredictors of Functional Ability in MCI$435,00009/01/1407/31/18
40024579National Institutes of HealthRecruitment of End-Processing Factors in DSB Repair$409,17009/01/1407/31/18
40034574U.S. Department of EducationInterdisciplinary Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Program$1,000,00010/01/1409/30/18
40014573National Science FoundationAn Early Mesoamerica City: Urbanization at Formative La Blanca, Guatemala$390,92509/01/1408/31/18
40014569National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: RUI: Impacts of Size-Selective Mortality on Sex-Xhanging Fishes $310,22003/01/1502/28/19
40014568National Science FoundationRUI: Theoretical (Numerical) Investigations of Novel Quantum Phases and Transitions in Strongly Interacting Systems$240,00009/01/1408/31/17
40014567National Science FoundationMRI: Development of a Solar Photometric Instrument: Cartesian Full Disk Telescope - 3$538,8520/01/1408/31/18
40014566National Science FoundationAF: Small: Collaborative Research: Reconfiguration Algorithms$180,70909/01/1408/31/19
40014563National Science FoundationThe California State University, Northridge Noyce Scholarship Phase II Program$797,35501/01/1512/31/19
41024554UCLAUniversity Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF)$255,75007/01/1403/31/15
40014550National Science FoundationRUI: Crossing Numbers for Topological Drawings of the Complete Graph, Rotation Schemes, and Interior Triple Systems$130,00007/15/1406/30/18
40014546National Science FoundationRUI: Determination and Functional Analysis of the Cyanobacterial Lipid Droplet Proteome$628,13907/01/1406/30/19
42014538LA County Department of Children and Family ServicesAdoption Promotion and Support Services Program - SPA2$104,73707/01/1412/31/14
42014534LA County Department of Children and Family ServicesChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Program Services (CAPIT)$48,68207/01/1412/31/14
40014533National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs: Scale Dependence and Adaptive Capacity$915,28301/01/1512/31/14
40014532National Science FoundationCollaboration Research: Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs: Scale Dependence and Adaptive Capacity$977,62701/01/1512/31/18
49014529Lily Academy of JapanRecreation Institute for the Lily Academy$61,37306/08/1406/08/15
42014527City of Los Angeles EWDDPerformance Management and Evaluation Systems$324,00007/01/1408/14/15
43014526Consortium for Ocean LeadershipParticipation on IODP Expedition 351$38,48902/01/1401/31/16
40014523National Science FoundationRUI/Collaboration: Plio-Quaternary History of Basin Evolution, Climate Change, and Fold Growth in the Qaidam Basin- Investigating Wind-Enhanced Climate-Tectonic Feedback Relationships$187,62004/01/1401/31/19
40014518National Science FoundationRUI-TREB Renewal: Three Decades of Coral Reef Community Dynamics in St. John, USVI: 2014-2019$469,68605/01/1404/30/19
40014517National Science FoundationRUI: Collaborative: Evaluating the Influence of Crustal Deformation on Episodic Magmatism: Southern Coat Mountains of Batholith$95,61904/01/1403/31/17
40014514National Science FoundationCAREER: Investigating Controls on Arc Flare-ups and the Growth of Lower Continental Crust$481,28807/01/1602/28/19
43014503Pritzker Family Foundation College Pathways San Fernando Valley Network$220,00012/18/1511/15/19
42014502UC Santa BarbaraReproductive Output, Growth, and Food-Chain Support of Fishes on the Wheeler J. North Artificial Reef, 2014-2015 (SONGS Mitigation Monitoring Program)$476,76001/01/1412/31/15
43014495American Chemical SocietyIntramolecular Cycloaddition Reactions of Electron-Rich Alkalynes: New Methods for the Synthesis of Optically Active Building Blocks for Organic Synthesis$65,00009/01/1408/31/18
40044485NASASmallsat Low Mass, Extreme Low Temperature Energy Storage$198,45711/01/1310/31/15
40024484Administration for Children and FamiliesAre you In? A Systems-Level Mixed-Method Analysis of the Effects of Quality Improvement Initiatives on Participating and Non-Participation Providers$249,10709/30/1309/29/17
41024467California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA)Northwestern Los Angeles County Rape Crisis Center $166,75309/1/1308/31/14
41024466California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)Valley Trauma Center$315,63609/01/1308/31/14
40014459National Science FoundationCIF: Small: RUI: Mathematical Problems in Space-Time Block Codes for MIMO Systems$249,97509/01/1308/31/18
42014456Southern California Coastal Water Research ProjectPredicting Stream Periodicity in Southern California$50,00004/15/1304/31/15
40024454Susbtance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationCSUN Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program$154,28908/01/1307/31/14
40014453National Science FoundationCoping with Change: Water Availibility and Arid Land Management $249,93408/01/1307/31/16
40014450National Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Elluciding the Geologic Record of Late Palezoic Subduction Initiation Along the Southwestern Margin of Laurentia, Southern California, and Sonora, Mexico $185,00008/01/1307/31/18
40054447Office of Naval ResearchControl of Supercavitating Vehicles Using Transverse Jets $150,00006/15/1312/15/15
40024438National Institutes of HealthElucidating the Function of the Lipid-Binding Protein OBI-1 in Pristionchus Pacificus Nematode Chemosensation $543,32207/01/1307/31/21
40084423National Endowment for the HumanitiesProposal for Creating a Digital Database of the African American Photography Collection of the Institute for Arts & Media at California State University, Northridge$290,00009/01/1309/30/18
40024412National Institutes of HealthTumor-Targeting Salmonella Expressing Apoptosis-Inducing Cytotoxic Proteins $435,00005/10/1303/31/18
43014407San Francisco Estuary InstituteHistorical Ecology of the Tijuana Estuary$25,00012/01/1201/31/16
40024404National Institute of HealthAnalysis of EGFR- Dependent Sleep in C. Elegans $435,00004/10/1302/29/16
42014403Southern California Coastal Water Research ProjectAssessing Net Wetland Change $70,00009/03/12


40014399National Science FoundationCSU Alliance for Preparing Undergraduates Through Mentoring Towards PhDs $1,500,00006/01/1305/31/19
43014392National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)NCAA Limited-Resource-Institution Grant Program Pilot Matador Achievement Center $900,00001/01/1308/31/16
41024379UCLANSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Application of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$547,99909/01/1208/31/18
41024378UCLANSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$864,10009/01/1208/31/17
40014372National Science FoundationGraduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) $165,00004/15/1303/31/18
40014359National Science FoundationRUI: The Role of Facial Physiognomy in Stereotypic Trait Inference$186,69509/15/1208/31/16
40024350National Institutes of HealthRole of E4BP4 in Glucocorticoid-Evoked Lymphocyte Apoptosis$431,19309/01/1212/31/17
44014319Aerojet RocketdyneDevelopment of an Internship Honors Co-op Program Between Pratt & Whitney and CECS $967,72906/15/1201/09/18
42014317LAUSDMOSAIC/Jack London High School $4,00005/01/1206/30/14
40014299National Science FoundationPREM- Computational Research and Education for Emergent Materials $2,640,00006/01/1209/30/18
42014271LAUSDProject STEPS $459,85701/09/1206/30/17
42014255Project GRAD Los AngelesProject GRAD Los Angeles $634,20010/01/1109/30/17
40024188National Institutes of HealthOption II MBRS RISE at CSUN $3,965,62508/01/1106/30/17
40024184National Institutes of HealthNew Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Based on Innocuous & Abundant Metals $648,69407/01/1106/30/18
40024174National Institutes of HealthInterface Quality Effects in Phospholipase Membrane Enzymology $431,19406/01/1104/30/16

National Science Foundation


RUI: Ocean Acidification - Category 1 - The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Organisimic Biology & Community Ecology of Corals, Calcified Algae & Coral Reefs $905,95601/01/1112/31/15
40054132Office of Naval ResearchFirst-Principles Based Multiscale Modeling of Structure, Energetics and Mobility of Defects in Metals $433,22110/21/1007/31/14
40024051National Institutes of HealthInvestigating Protein Dynamics in NT-4/5 & TrkB Receptor Interactions $432,10007/01/1006/30/15
44014014Optical Physics Company (OPC)Sub-Aperture Based Conformal Imaging System$225,00012/01/0911/30/17
40013950National Science FoundationCSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program$1,500,00008/01/0907/31/18
41013557CSU San MarcosMultisite Study (RIST)$4,50002/28/06OPEN
40013541National Science FoundationCareer: Magnetic Tomography of Emerging Sunspots (MATES) $504,82502/16/0612/31/14