TUC Sponsored Programs

Fee Reimbursement Program


Regular full-time employees may participate in TUC's fee reimbursement program. Employees on contracts and grants cannot participate in this program.

Course Maximum

No more than six units per semester may be taken.

Only Work-Related Courses

Reimbursed courses are intended to improve the skills and/or knowledge of employees in the performance of their current job or in anticipation of changes in that job. Coursework must be absolutely work-related as determined and approved by the employee' supervisor.


If you take only work-related courses (non-matriculated), Admissions and Records will consider you a "transitory" student for that particular semester. You will not be required to complete a CSU application or provide transcripts of either high school or previous college records. Transitory fee waiver students are not formally admitted to CSUN.

Should a transitory student skip one semester, he/she must notify Human Resource Services if there is an intent to enroll in classes for the next semester. This is to ensure that the student will receive registration materials for that semester.

Course Offers

CSUN Catalog

CSUN Schedule of Classes


Fees for courses are reimbursed by the University Corporation after successful completion of the course.


For questions please contact:

Kathryn Weeks
Human Resources Manager
(818) 677-5040