TUC Sponsored Programs

Administrative Separation Issues

Unemployment Benefit Eligibility

Employees terminated during the Trial Period and due to the project end may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Employees who resign or are terminated due to cause are usually not eligible for unemployment benefits. It is the responsibility of the employee to apply for unemployment benefits. Information is available at the website of the California Employment Development Department (EDD).


Under the Cobra Program, employees currently enrolled in health plans and separating from the University Corporation may continue their Health, Dental, and Vision plans. The employee must pay the monthly fees for these plans in full. Some plans may charge an additional 2% administration fee for COBRA plan participants.

Employment Verification

The University Corporation will only provide title and date of employment for verification of employment. If the employee wishes the make additional information available, he/she must provide written authorization to TUC Human Resources Department.

Return of Corporate Property

Project Directors are required to ensure that employees are returning all corporate property before separating from The University Corporation. This may include items such as parking permit, ID card, discount card, keys, pager, cell phone tools and other items that were provided to the employee during the course of the employment.

Information Systems

The Project Director must ensure that he/she will receive all passwords and access codes to information systems from the employee before the last day of employment. If applicable, the Project Director must inform the respective department for information systems to revoke access rights to e-mail and networks.