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Centers and Institutes

The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics maintains centers and academic programs as a resource to encourage curriculum development, research, and interaction among academic disciplines.

Center for Quality and Productivity Education

Director: Vacant

List Advisory Board or Community Board Members:  Not available


The Center for Quality and Productivity Education promotes educational opportunities in the areas of Quality and Productivity for all students, faculty and members of the local community, including those who traditionally have had limited access to higher education. We assure that those who benefit from the offerings of the Center build the knowledge and professional skills valued by quality and productivity professionals within the San Fernando Valley community and the surrounding area.


1. Promote development of quality and productivity education.

2. Promote the professional growth of faculty, students and professionals. 3. Increase networking and communication among faculty, students and community professionals.


1. Help SOM Department to update its curriculum and pedagogy to meet the needs of our students & emerging business needs

2. Foster opportunities for students (e.g. advisement, internship, Honors Program, tutoring, supplemental instruction, international exchanges, clubs, career development)

3. Improve core academic programs through excellence in the programs

4. Provide opportunity for Faculty to update prof. skills and knowledge

5. Recognize and reward outstanding faculty achievement in teaching, research and service

6. Partner with community on projects that have educational, academic and economic value

7. Build community and alumni ties and relationships

8. Improve the College’s regional and national reputation through high quality education

9. Improve the College’s regional and national reputation through faculty development


1. Interact with business professionals to better understand their needs

2. Help our students keep up with the recent business practices, knowledge, and trends

3. Help our students write their resume effectively and develop job interview skills

4. Help our students develop leadership in the SOM-related areas

5. Support our students to participate in the Association for Operations Management (APICS) annual case competition

6. Sponsor a career workshop

7. Involve our faculty in the So. Calif. Chapter of INFORMS meetings as participants and/or presenters and help our faculty update their knowledge

8. Recognize faculty for their outstanding service to the Center

9. Maintain a strong partnership with the relevant academic and business professional organizations

10. Sponsor the “Evening with Industry” event

11. Hold the SOM Department advisory council meetings

12. Support the Association for Operations Management (APICS) case competition and career workshop

13. Sponsor and Host the annual Continuous Process Improvement Symposium and Workshop

14. Involve our faculty in the Association for Operations Management (APICS) case competition and a career workshop


Dedicated and involved faculty members and highly motivated students along with excellent alliance with professional groups: INFORMS, APICS, ASQ, & PMI.