Urban Studies & Planning


Thomas Bassett

Thomas BassettThomas Bassett

M.A. Columbia University (2009)
A.B., Brown University (2005) 
Specializations: U.S. and International Underserved  Communities - Transportation, Housing, and Sustainability, Primarily in Developing the World

Bradley Calvert


Bradley CalvertBradley Calvert

M.A. City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology (2014)
Specializations: Research based in Community Development, Land Use, Urban Design


Euripedes DeOliveira

Euripedes DeOliveiraEuripedes DeOliveira

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (2017)
M.A. University of California, Los Angeles (2002)
Specializations: Third World Cities, Latin America, Brazil

Daniel Freedman

Daniel FreedmanDaniel Freedman

J.D., Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA (2011)
M.A., Urban Planning, University of California Los Angeles (2006)
B.S., Conservation Resource Studies, University of California Berkeley (2004)
Specializations: Land Use and Municipal Law, Environmental Law and Policy, Sustainable Development, Zoning, Historic Resources, Housing, and Political Affairs.


Scott Howard

Scott HowardScott Howard

J.D. Southwestern University School of Law (1976)
Specializations: Municipal Law with emphasis on Planning, Zoning, Land Use and First Amendment; Administrative law

Brettany Shannon

Brettany Shannon

Brettany Shannon

Ph.D. University of Southern California (2016)
Specializations: Community, Participation, Digital Communications and Media Arts, Cultural Economy, Public Space

Dev Vrat


Dev Vrat

M.A. University of California, Santa Barbara (1986).
Specializations: CEQA/NEPA Compliance, General Plans and Specific Plans, Land Use Feasibility Studies, Infrastructure and Services Finance Plans

David Weintraub

David WeintroubDavid Weintraub

M.A. California State University, Northridge (1992) Geography
Specializations: Urban Planning, LAX Master Plan, Staples Center and the Wilshire Grand Hotel

Claude Willey


Claude Willey

M.A. University of California, Irvine (2001).
Specializations: Transportation History, California Water, Environmental History, Art and Urbanism, Los Angeles

John Dugan

M.A. City of Planning, Harvard University (1971)
B.A. Philosophy, Tulane University of Louisiana (1969)
Specializations and Research Interests: Research based in community development, housing and urban renewal, and history of planning & design. Experienced with long-range city planning and current planning practices.