Urban Studies & Planning

  • Los Angeles skyline
  • Collage of Urban Studies events/map of Los Angeles
  • San Diego skyline
  • Urban Studies & Planning full-time faculty
  • Aerial view of CSUN campus

General Sources-Web Links

  • AIA - The American Institute of Architects (site: http://careercenter.aia.org/search.cfm)
  • California APA - American Planning Association California Chapter 
  • Calopps Gov.- Career in Local Government
  • C-BEEP – The Community-Based Enterprise Education Program (C-BEEP) is administered by the County of Los Angeles Department of Human Resources to place university students within County departments as volunteer interns for the completion of specific projects, research or studies ordered by the Board of Supervisors. While C-BEEP internships are unpaid, academic course credit is available through most university partners.