Urban Studies & Planning

Employment Opportunities

Anticipated Part-Time Faculty Openings, AY 2020-2021

Application Deadline:

For AY 2020 – 2021: April 20, 2020

Inquiries and applications should be addressed to:

Dr. Robert Kent, Department Chair

Applications must be submitted via e-mail to urban.studies@csun.edu and cc: to mirna.reyes@csun.edu

URBS 150-Discover the City (.pdf)

URBS 150OL-Discover the City (.pdf)

URBS 206 - Introduction to Graphic Communication Tools Used by Urban Studies and Planning Professionals (.pdf)

URBS 250. Planning the Multiethnic City (.pdf)

URBS 300. Planning Theory (.pdf)

URBS 310 – Growth and Sustainable Development of Cities (.pdf)

URBS 310OL – Growth and Sustainable Development of Cities (.pdf)

URBS 340A - Quantitative Urban Research Methods (.pdf)

URBS 340B - Qualitative Urban Research Methods (.pdf)

URBS 345 – The General Plan and Zoning (.pdf)

URBS 350 – Cities of the Developing World (.pdf)

URBS 350OL – Cities of the Developing World (.pdf)

URBS 380 – Los Angeles: Past, Present, Future (.pdf)

URBS 400 - Planning for the Natural and Built Environment (.pdf)

URBS 408. Policy Making for Urban Planners (.pdf)

URBS 415. The California Environmental Quality Act for Urban Planners (.pdf)

URBS 416. Urban Housing (.pdf)

URBS 425 - Social Policy, Environmental Justice and the City (.pdf)

URBS 430. Planning in the Public Sector (.pdf)

URBS 435. Planning for Community Development (.pdf)

URBS 440. Community-Based Urban Design (.pdf)

URBS 450 - Senior Seminar in Urban Studies and Planning (.pdf)

URBS 460 – Legal Foundations of Planning (.pdf)

URBS 480 - Urban Transportation Planning (.pdf)

URBS 490C - Fieldwork (.pdf)

URBS 494C- Internship (.pdf)

URBS 610. Contemporary Urban Planning in the United States and California (.pdf)

URBS 615 - Analytical Principles and Practices in Urban Planning (.pdf)

URBS 620 - Seminar in Comprehensive Planning (.pdf)

URBS 630 - Sustainable Development and Environmental Impact Analysis (.pdf)

URBS 640 - Seminar in Planning for Communities and Local Economic (.pdf)

URBS 650 - Policy Analysis and Implementation (.pdf)

URBS 660 – Planning Law (.pdf)

URBS 670 – Visual Communication Skills for Urban Planners (.pdf)

URBS 680 - Quantitative Analysis in Urban Planning (.pdf)

URBS 685 - Qualitative Research in Urban Planning (.pdf)

URBS 690. Field Project in Urban Planning (.pdf)

URBS 698. Professional Project (.pdf)