Vickie Jensen

Vickie Jensen
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-3591 or 3293
Office location:
SN 332



  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Colorado Boulder, 1997.
  • Masters in Sociology from University of Oklahoma, 1991.
  • B.A. in English and Sociology (double B.A.) from University of Oklahoma, 1988.
  • Specialty Areas: Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice; Violence; Criminological Theory; Criminal Justice and Penology; Deviance; Quantitative Methods; Field Methods and Ethnomethodology; Race, Class, and Gender Inequality; Domestic Violence; Writing in the Social Sciences; Psychology and Social Psychology of Offending and Victimization

Courses Taught

  • SOC 304 Sociology of Deviance
  • SOC 307 Ethnic Diversity in America (for summer 2009)
  • SOC 324 Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SOC 355 Criminology
  • SOC 474 Treatment of Law Violators/Corrections
  • SOC 418/496W Women and Crime
  • SOC 485A Special Topics in Crime--Violence
  • SOC 485A Special Topics in Crime--Domestic Violence (for fall 2009)
  • SOC 485B Special Topics in Criminal Justice--Gender and Criminal Justice
  • SOC 498 AEE and S Field Study and Reports
  • SOC 498 BEE/CEE Field Study and Reports in Criminal Justice
  • SOC 499 Independent Study
  • SOC 555 Criminology
  • SOC 585 Special Topics in Crime: Domestic Violence
  • SOC 585 Special Topics: Contemporary Issues/Proseminar
  • SOC 690 Social Research/Quantitative Methods
  • SOC 691 Advanced Research Techniques: Qualitative Methods
  • SOC 695 Graduate Proseminar
  • SOC 699: Independent Study

Selected Publications and Presentations


Eriksen, Shelley and Vickie Jensen (forthcoming—2009)  “A Push or a Punch:  Distinguishing the Severity of Sibling Violence.”  Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  Volume 24.  (Note:  authors contributed equally and are listed alphabetically).

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Conference Presentations

"PTSD and Birthing Trauma:  Invisibility and Motherhood Ideals."  Pacific Sociological Association.  April 2009.

"Brothers and Bullies:  Social Correlates of Sibling and Juvenile Violence"  (with Shelley Eriksen).   Pacific Sociological Association.  Portland, OR  April 2008.

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"All in the Family?  Family Environment Factors in Sibling Violence" Pacific Sociological Association.  San Diego, CA  March, 2000 (Shelley Eriksen and Vickie Jensen, authors).

"Incarcerated Parents:  Comparing Men's and Women's Responses to Parental Roles, Separation from Children, and Program Needs in Jail"  American Society of Criminology.  Toronto, ON  November, 1999 (Vickie Jensen and Jill DuDeck, authors).

"Sibling Abuse:  Background Factors and Effects on Survivors."  Pacific Sociological Association.  Portland, OR  April, 1999.

"This is My House:  Traditional Gender Roles and Women's Prison Adaptations."  Pacific Sociological Association.  Portland, OR  April, 1999.

"Prevalence and Correlates of Sibling Abuse in a Pilot Study." American Society of Criminology.  Washington, DC.  November, 1998 (Vickie Jensen, Angela Taylor, Jill DuDeck, Michele Scaife, authors)

"Generalizability and Homicide Theory:  A Comparative Analysis of Men's and Women's Homicide Offending Rates."  American Sociological Association.  San Francisco.  August, 1998.

Research and Interests

One of my current research interests include the application of masculinity theory in an attempt to both explain men’s  offending and victimization and to develop interventions to address the issues that raises.  This also includes examining the ways in which children experience and process trauma from family violence in both a psychological and social context and developing more gender-centered approaches for addressing the impact of trauma.  I am also working on research to better understand birth trauma and post traumatic stress disorder from a psychological and therapeutic perspective as well as a sociological one that directly addresses cultural myths and constructions of motherhood.  My work has also taken me into the courtroom and examining the ways in which advocates can help domestic violence victims navigate the bureaucracy of the legal system to ensure just outcomes.  I continue to be engaged in research concerning sibling violence as well as the impact of incarceration on parents and children.  In general, I am most interested in the areas of violence, trauma, and gender theory in understanding criminal behavior and the interventions necessary for it.