Stacy Missari

Stacy Missari
Associate Professor
(818) 677-4996
Office location:
Santa Susana 316



Ph.D. Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2013
Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate, University of Connecticut, 2008
M.A. Sociology, University of Connecticut, 2007
B.A. Journalism, Pennsylvania State University, 2005

Specialty Areas: Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Sexualities, Adolescent Sexuality, Sexual Subjectivity.

Research and Interests

Dr. Missari serves as the co-coordinator of CSUN’s interdisciplinary Human Sexuality minor. She teaches courses in the areas of Sociology of Gender and Sexualities. Her past research merged quantitative methodology with feminist theory to examine the determinants and long-term effects of positive attitudes toward sexual pleasure in adolescence. She has also studied the impact of heteronormative attitudes and beliefs on sexual subjectivity among U.S. adults. Her current research uses qualitative methods to explore how women who sleep with women negotiate sexual pleasure and agency.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

  • SOC 150: Introductory Sociology 
  • SOC 230: Human Sexual Behavior
  • SOC 324: Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SOC 451: Sociological Aspects of Human Sexual Behavior


Journal Articles

Missari, Stacy. 2021. "Safe and Satisfied:" An Exploratory Study of Two Aspects of Sexual Subjectivity Among Young Women at a Hispanic-Serving Institution in Southern California, USA. Sexuality & Culture. View "Safe and Satisfied" publication.  

Price-Glynn, Kim and Stacy Missari. 2016. “Perspectives on Violence Against Women: A Study of United States Nursing Textbooks.” Journal of Nursing
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Cheng, Simon, Laura Hamilton, Stacy Missari, Josef (Kuo-Hsun) Ma. 2014. “Sexual Subjectivity among Adolescent Girls: Social Disadvantage and Young Adult
          Outcomes.” Social Forces 93(2): 515-544.

Missari, Stacy and Christine Zozula. 2012. “’Woman as…’: Personhood, Rights and the Case of Domestic Violence.” Societies Without Borders 7(1): 52-73.

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Book Chapters

Missari, Stacy. 2015. “Queer Resistance in an Imperfect Allegory: The Politics of Sexuality in the True Blood.” Pp. 87-98 in Race, Gender, and Sexuality in
          Post-Apocalyptic TV and Film
, edited by B. Gurr. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.