Option I: General Sociology

The General Option (Option I) is intended for

  1. those who wish to pursue and achieve a liberal arts education
  2. those who desire to pursue graduate education in sociology or allied fields
  3. those who wish specific occupational preparation for a number of fields. Students may focus upon the areas of American Studies, Criminology and Corrections, Social Psychology, Social Research, Ethnic Studies, Sociology of Work, and Social Problems as a way of developing their interests and knowledge in broad areas of specialization within the discipline.

Lower division requirements: 10 Units

  • SOC 150 Introductory Sociology (3)
  • SOC 202 Sociological Analysis (3)
  • MATH 140 Introductory Statistics (4)

Upper division requirements: 16 units

  • SOC 424 Statistical Techniques in Social Research (3) and
  • SOC 424L Statistical Techniques in Social Research Laboratory (1)
  • SOC 430 Theory I - Classical Sociological Theory (4) 
  • SOC 468 Theory II - Contemporary Sociological Theory (4)
  • SOC 497 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (3)
  • SOC 497L Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods Laboratory (1)


Select 20 units of upper division sociology courses.

Courses cannot fulfill more than one requirement.

Total credit requirements: 46-47 Units

4- and 5-year Degree Completion Program