Michael J. Carter

Michael J. Carter
Office location:
Santa Susana 336


Ph.D. Sociology, University of California-Riverside, 2010
M.A. Sociology, San Diego State University, 2003
B.A. Communication Studies, Sonoma State University, 1995

Specialty Areas: Social Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, Sociological Theory, Self and Identity, Group Processes, Sociology of Emotions, Sociology of Morality, Sociology of Education, Social Institutions.

Research and Interests
Michael J. Carter’s main research interests are in social psychology and microsociological theory, specifically the areas of self and identity. His past research has examined moral identity processes, Deaf identity processes, and identity change. His recent research examines how identities operate in digital media environments. Dr. Carter's research has been published in a variety of academic journals, including Current SociologySocial Psychology Quarterly, Sociological Perspectives, and American Sociological Review.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Courses

  • SBS 320: Social Science Research Methods
  • SOC 150: Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 250: Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
  • SOC 305: Culture and Personality
  • SOC 307: Ethnic Diversity in America
  • SOC 345: Social Psychology
  • SOC 350: Population Dynamics
  • SOC 400: Organizational Theory
  • SOC 430: Theory I - Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC 468: Theory II - Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOC 497/L: Methods of Social Research Lecture/Lab

Graduate Courses

  • SOC 545: Social Psychology
  • SOC 601: Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC 670: Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOC 690: Quantitative Research Methods 
  • SOC 696A: Directed Graduate Research
  • MPA 620: Research Methods for Public Administration
  • MPA 630: Organization Theory and Human Behavior
  • MPA 698S: Graduate Project


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Professional Reports

Carter, Michael J. 2014. "Annual Information Technology Survey Report of Students, Faculty, and Staff." Information Technology Division, California State University, Northridge.

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