Major in Sociology

Our curriculum and major requirements recently changed.

Students who started at CSUN in Fall 2018 or earlier:

If you are a student who falls into this category, we are encouraging you to switch to the new major requirements for the B.A. in Sociology (listed below) to streamline your path to graduation (however you are not required to do so). To switch over to the new major requirements, please call (818) 677-2658 to make an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.

Students who started at CSUN in Spring 2019 or later:

You are required to go by the new major requirements listed below for the B.A. in Sociology.

Comparison Chart: Old Major Requirements & New Major Requirements (.pdf)

B.A. in Sociology

The B.A. in Sociology provides a liberal arts background, which teaches students to think critically; conceptualize problems; apply theories and concepts to real-world issues; collect, analyze and interpret data; carry out research projects; and understand issues of diversity. These skills prepare students for a wide variety of careers in fields such as social and human services, research and data analysis, nonprofit and public sector management, social work, education, labor relations, program evaluation, policy analysis, human resources, market research and community organizing. It also provides a foundation for students to pursue graduate education in sociology and related fields. If students choose, they can focus their studies in one of the following concentrations: Social Welfare and Social Justice, Inequality and Diversity, or Social Movements and Political Sociology.

1. Lower division requirements: 7 units

  • MATH 140 Introductory Statistics (4)
  • SOC 150 Introductory Sociology (3)

2. Core Course requirements: 16 units

  • SOC 424/L Statistical Techniques in Social Research and Lab (3/1)
  • SOC 430 Theory I - Classical Sociological Theory (4) 
  • SOC 468 Theory II - Contemporary Sociological Theory (4)
  • SOC 497/L Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods and Lab (3/1)

3. Electives: 21 units

Select 21 units of electives from 200-400 level sociology courses. No more than 3 elective units can be taken at the 200 level. Students may concentrate in one of the areas below, but they are not required to do so for the B.A. in Sociology. Those students who wish to complete a concentration should take 9 of the 21 units in one of the concentrations below. Students who do not want to complete a concentration should take 21 units of electives from 200-400 level sociology courses.


a. Social Welfare and Social Justice (9 units)

  • SOC 357 Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice (3)
  • SOC 490S/F Supervised Field Seminar and Fieldwork (1/2)

Plus one course from the following:

b. Inequality and Diversity (9 units)

Plus two courses from the following:

c. Social Movements and Political Sociology (9 units)

Plus two courses from the following:

4. General Education (48 units)

  • Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in the CSUN Course Catalog.

Total Units in Major: 44

General Education Units: 48

Additional Units: 28

Total Units Required for the B.A. Degree: 120