Karen Morgaine, Ph.D.

Karen Morgaine
Professor & Department Chair
(818) 677-3591
Office location:
SN 321


Ph.D. Social Work & Social Research, Portland State University, 2007
M.A. Clinical Psychology, Antioch University-San Francisco, 1989
B.S. Psychology, SUNY Brockport, 1987

Specialty Areas: Social Movements, Social Justice, LGBTQ, Privilege/Race/ Racism, Qualitative Research, Human Rights, Domestic Violence.

Research and Interests
My primary research interests are using qualitative and participatory action research methodologies to examine power and privilege, particularly racial/ethnic privilege, in social movements. Specific areas of interest include LGBTQ movements and US/male/white hegemony; construction and framing of social problems; radical/progressive social movements; domestic violence and violence against women—policies and practice; human rights; transnational social movements; globalization and social movements; and poverty.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Courses

  • QS 301: Perspectives on Queer Studies
  • SOC 307: Ethnic Diversity in America
  • SOC 356: Introduction to Social Welfare Institutions
  • SOC 357: Introduction to Social Work Practice/Practicum
  • SOC 426: Social Legislation and Social Policy
  • SOC 452: Sociology of LGBT Communities
  • SOC 484: Progressive Community Organizing
  • SOC 475A/B: Supervised Field Placement

Graduate Courses

  • SOC 585C: Special Topics - Social Movements
  • SOC 691A: Qualitative Research Methods
  • MPA 630: Organizational Theory and Human Behavior



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Journal Articles

McDonald, Lauren E. and Karen Morgaine. 2016. “Progressive and Conservative “Freedom” through the Lens of FOX and MSNBC.” SAGE Open 6(3): 1-14.

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Book Chapters

Morgaine, Karen. 2017. “Fragments/Layers/Juxtaposition: Collage as a Data-Analysis Practice.” Pp. 227-244 in Anti-Oppressive Arts-Based Research
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