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"When fully developed, bureaucracy stands . . . under the principle of sine ira ac studio (without scorn and bias).  Its specific nature which is welcomed by capitalism develops the more perfectly the more bureaucracy is 'dehumanized,' the more completely it succeeds in eliminating from official business love, hatred, and all purely personal, irrational and emotional elements which escape calculation.  This is the specific nature of bureaucracy and it is appraised as its special virtue."  

– Max Weber

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AKD Sponsored Events:

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Miscellaneous Events:


~ Information Sessions for the Summer 2015 DC Internship Program



~ CSUN Associated Students Farmer’s Market

  • What: Featuring farm fresh fruits and vegetables including organic produce, artisanal breads, jams & jellies, nuts, pre packaged foods, a freshly prepared foods court, nuts, flowers, crafters and a variety of other products each week.
  • Where: CSUN East University Drive
  • When: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 10 am - 2 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:

~ Guerrilla Girls: Art in Action  

  • What: Female artists’ work, and commentary on lack of female representation in modern art
  • Where: Pomona College Museum of Art, 330 N. College Way, Claremont, CA 91711
  • When: February 5, 2015 from 5pm – 11pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:

~ Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America

  • What: Ghettoside tells the kaleidoscopic story of one American murder—one young black man slaying another—and a driven crew of detectives whose creed is to pursue justice for forgotten victims at all costs.  This fast-paced narrative of a devastating crime in South Los Angeles provides a new lens into the great subject of why murder happens in America—and how the plague of killings might yet be stopped. KCRW’s Warren Olney sits down with award-winning reporter Leovy to discuss this master work of literary journalism that is equal parts gripping detective story and provocative social critique.
  • Where: Mark Taper Auditorium Central Library
  • When: Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 7:15 PM
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:

~ Human Rights, Megaproyectos, and Indigenous Communities in Guatamala: A Talk by conception Santay Gomez

  • What:  On January 2, 2011, the Ixil communities of Cotzal placed a blockade on the road leading to the site where a dam would be built. Police and military forces were sent to remove the protestors, but the communities pushed back, keeping the blockade for four months. The dam was eventually built despite the communities’ resistance. Although the dam in Cotzal is one of the largest in the country, approximately 70 percent of Cotzal’s inhabitants do not have access to electricity. Santay Gómez will be speaking about the current indigenous rights violations in Cotzal. He is a member of the Alcaldía Indígena of Cotzal, consisted of ancestral authorities dedicated to promoting Ixil culture, identity, rights and the defense of the region’s natural resources and territories. Concepción Santay Gómez's visit in Los Angeles is being sponsored by the Voiceless Speak Fund provided by the Guatemalan Commission on Human Rights (GHRC). The event is free and open to the public.
  • Where: UCLA Downtown Labor Center
  • When: February 6, 2015 at 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Cost: Free – donations to help cover Ms. Gomez’s travel appreciated
  • Info: Look up on Facebook for further details

~ Community Film Screening & International Dialogue on Genocide, Megaprojects & Maya Resistance

  • What: La Comunidad Ixim invites you to a community film screening of the documentary Discovering Dominga and we will be joined by Zully Juarez (Los Angeles, CA), Giovanni Batz (Los Angeles, CA) and Concepción Santay Gómez (Ixil - Cotzal, El Quiché, Guatemala) for a panel discussion. Discovering Dominga is a documentary based on the life of Denese Joy Becker or Dominga Sic Ruiz who was a child survivor of the Rio Negro Massacres in 1982. The film follows her as she begins to learn about the politics around the Civil War that left 200,000 people murdered and/or disappeared. The panel will emphasize how Mayas in Guatemala continue to resist development projects that are harmful to their communities and the importance of having Maya youth in Los Angeles learn about these issues. This space is an intentional event created for and by Maya folks in LA, we specifically ask for Maya and Guatemalan communities to participate! However we acknowledge the importance of having these conversations across communities and invite communities who have experienced colonization, militarism, violence, and forced migrations.
  • Where: Southern California Library at 6120 South Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90044
  • When: February 7, 2015 from 4-
  • Cost: Free – RSVP 100 seat limit
  • Info:  Search event on Facebook and RSVP via there

~ Anarchism, Feminism and Anarcha-Feminism

  • What:  Last October the Black Rose Anarchist Federation sent a delegation to London to participate in the first international Anarcha-Feminist (AFem) conference. Participants from around the globe discussed defending and expanding reproductive rights, experiences with accountability processes, and struggles against state repression -- to name a few. However, these discussions were often very difficult, tense and confusing, because, even at an anarcha-feminist conference, there was no agreement or even basic debate on what anarcha-feminism means.

    Both feminism and anarchism contain many contradictory currents within them. Slapping two such contradictory ideologies together with the weak glue of a single hyphen does not magically create a single new unified ideology. Instead, anarcha-feminism contains many different perspectives within it. In order to better understand our diverse perspectives on doing feminist organizing within social movements, we need to shine a light on those differences and have an honest discussion about what anarchism means for us, what feminism means for us, and what anarcha-feminism means for us.

    We need to be asking questions that push us to come to terms with what anarcha-feminism really means for us, and what it means for our work in building social movements. Questions like: What are the challenges the working-class women face today? How can we make working-class issues central to feminist organizing? What would it mean to escalate feminist struggle on our own terms instead of trailing the coat-tails of liberal feminism? How can we expand the struggle for reproductive rights by taking the offensive instead of defensive strategy?

    This report-back and discussion will offer reflections on the AFem 2014 conference. It also seeks to start a dialogue about bringing feminist practices into our organizing. Over the last few years, we have participated in social movement activism from the Occupy movement, Keystone Pipeline blockades, low-wage worker struggles, feminist attacks on rape culture, and the re-emergence of an anti-police brutality movement. With our understanding of anarcha-feminism, what have we learned from these struggles? What obstacles have we faced? How can we move from being activists to being organizers, and start constructing lasting building blocks instead of running in circles? What do we offer as anarcha-feminists in terms of ideas, organizing, social relationships, and strategic goals?
  • Where: 131 South Rampart Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
  • When: February 7, 2015 at 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info: Look up the event’s Facebook page for details

~ CSUN Student Research & Creative Works Symposium

  • What: The 19th Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium will take place on February 13, 2015. The purpose is to showcase excellence in scholarly research and creative activity conducted by CSUN undergraduate and graduate students across all academic disciplines.
  • Where: CSUN USU Northridge Center
  • When: Friday, February 13, 2015 8 am -4 pm (can come and go as you please)
  • Cost: Free
  • Info: /research-graduate-studies/graduate-studies/events

~ L.A. Zine Fest 2015

  • What: An interview with Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain
    (co-authors of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk) facilitated by DM Collins and Daiana Feuer of L.A. Record.
    **Music brought to you by KXLU 88.9FM**
  • Where: Homenetem (gymnasium and banquet hall) 3347 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (Glassell Park neighborhood)
  • When: February 15, 11 am – 5 pm
  • Cost: Free to attend
  • Info:

~ Lecture and workshop with Dr. Antonia Darder

~ CicLAvia Community Meeting (for The Valley CicLAvia)

  • What: Join CicLAvia for a community meeting to discuss the March 22 Metro Presents CicLAvia - The Valley event. The March 22 route will open parts of Lankershim Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard from North Hollywood to Studio City to pedestrians, strollers, bikes and more from 9am-4pm. Learn specifics about the route, what surrounding streets will be open to car traffic, how businesses can take advantage of thousands of participants visiting the area, family activities, volunteer positions and more.
  • Where: North Hollywood Amelia Earhardt Regional Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library (5211 Tujunga Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91601)
  • When: February 18, 2015 at 7:30-8:30 pm
  • Cost:  Free – RSVP to email or phone number below
  • Info: RSVP to or call 213.355.8500 for more information

~ Education on the Edge

  • What: Speaker Series presents: Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, “California on the Edge”.  Topic will be the transformations occurring within the education system in California and impacts of issues such as Common Core, new assessments, and changes in the workforce. 
  • Where: CSUN, USU Northridge Center
  • When: February 19, 2015 from 7pm – 8:30pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info: Contact CSUN Center for Teaching and Learning

~ Voice of South LA: Food, Recreation and the Arts as Social Justice

  • What: A three-part series will examine community building in and around USC and South Los Angeles, with a focus on movements and organizations that are responding to the disparities and injustices that structure life in South L.A. Their daily leadership, sacrifice and creativity helps bind South L.A., catalyzing progressive and sustained neighborhood change. A diverse panel of cultural workers will offer community visions relating to food justice, urban agriculture, community arts and recreation. Panelists include Ben Caldwell of Kaos Network, a Leimert Park–based media and arts organization; Karen Mack of the community arts organization LA Commons
  • Where: Annenberg Auditorium (Room G26) USC University Park Campus
  • When: February 26, 2015 6-7:30 PM
  • Cost: Free – RSVP on website below
  • Info:

~ Social Science Writing Project: Tips for Achieving a Productive Writing Schedule

  • What: This workshop will introduce students to strategies, drawn from the field of behavioral psychology that they can use to influence their writing habits. Participants will practice goal-setting, fluency-building, data-collection, and self-management strategies. Students will leave the workshop with several practical handouts and an increased knowledge for the management of productive writing schedules.
  • Where: CSUN Sierra Hall 225
  • When: Friday, February 27, 2015 at 1 to 3 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:


~ Art in the Court: Famous Trials Illustrated

  • What: Legendary defendants, sensational trials, big-time lawyers and courtroom drama—each visualized for the masses by courtroom artists with exclusive access. Hear the stories behind the headlines that transfixed and transformed our society in an evening of art, law, history and news highlighting the work of three award-winning courtroom illustrators. While working for every major network and news organization, artists Elizabeth Williams, Bill Roblesand Aggie Kenny have covered hundreds of trials, including those of Charles Manson, O. J. Simpson, John Gotti, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, Patty Hearst, Jerry Sandusky and Bernard Madoff.  The artists, in conversation with award-winning television correspondent and USC Annenberg professor Judy Muller, as well as faculty members specializing in law and fine art, will discuss what it’s like to view and record history in the making by going where cameras cannot. What is the reasoning behind allowing artists to record a trial instead of photographers? How does the artist develop an unbiased eye? How do journalists work with artists? Does this type of reporting affect the way a lawyer presents a case? The conversation will cover these and other topics of ethics, respect for diversity and fairness.
  • Where: Friends of the USC Libraries Lecture Hall USC University Park Campus
  • When: March 5, 2015 at 7-8:30 PM
  • Cost: Free – RSVP on website below
  • Info:

~ Los Angeles Lantern Festival

  • What:
    Join Angelenos beneath Chinese lanterns in the vibrance of Downtown L.A. for the 14th Annual Los Angeles Lantern Festival. Our free signature event marks the closing of the Lunar New Year festivities with engaging community booths, live entertainment, music, arts & crafts, and food trucks.  Hosted at the birthplace of Los Angeles and Historic Chinatown by the Chinese American Museum and El Pueblo Historical Monument.
  • Where: Chinese American Museum at 425 North Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • When: March 7 at 12 pm to 7 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info: or

~ Alfie Kohn – Education on the Edge

  • What: Even though our knowledge of how children learn has come a long way in the last few decades, most schools still focus more on memorizing facts and practicing isolated skills than on understanding ideas from the inside out; they still exclude students from any meaningful decision-making role; and they still rely on grades, tests, homework, lectures, worksheets, competition, punishments, and rewards. Alfie Kohn explores alternatives to each of these conventional practices, explaining why progressive education can help kids become critical thinkers and lifelong learners
  • Where: CSUN USU Northridge Center
  • When: Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 7-8:30 PM
  • Cost: Free – RSVP at the website noted below
  • Info:

~ CicLAvia – The Valley

  • What: CicLAvia will make the San Fernando Valley its home on March 22 when Metro Presents CicLAvia – The Valley takes place from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The first CicLAvia of 2015 represents the inaugural visit of LA’s renowned open streets event to the Valley. Participants will be able to travel between North Hollywood and Studio City on car-free streets, using foot, pedal and non-motorized wheel power. Metro Presents CicLAvia – The Valley runs 5.5 miles along Lankershim Boulevard between the North Hollywood Metro Red Line stop at Chandler Boulevard and the Universal Studio Red Line stop, and along Ventura Boulevard between Campo de Cahuenga and Coldwater Canyon. The route will highlight some of the gems of the East Valley including the North Hollywood Arts District, Universal City, the historic Campo de Cahuenga, Studio City Farmers Market and the famed Sportsmen’s Lodge.
  • Where:  See CicLAvia website for the route but it basically goes from the NoHo Metro hub down Lankershim and down Ventura Blvd to Laurel Canyon
  • When: March 22, 9 am – 4 pm
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:


~ The Pacific Sociological Association Conference – People, Place and Power

  • What:  The annual PSA conference is for students and faculty alike to present original research, network and get to know other sociologists.
  • Where: Hayatt Regency in Long Beach
  • When: April 1-4, 2015
  • Cost: $30 for students to become a PSA member and $25 to attend the entire conference
  • Info:

~ L.B. Zine Fest 2015

  • What: The 1st Annual Long Beach Zine Fest will be held on April 12, 2015 at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA. The fest will feature a diverse range of zine vendors, live music, and zine panels and workshops!
  • Where: Museum of Latin America Art at 628 Alamitos Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802
  • When: April 12, 2015
  • Cost: Likely free but TBD
  • Info:

~ World War I: War of Images, Images of War   

  • What: “The exhibition juxtaposes the representation of the war in visual propaganda with its depiction by artists who experienced the brutality firsthand. Drawing principally from the Getty Research Institute's special collections, the exhibition features a range of satirical journals, prints, posters, and photographs as well as accounts from the front, including a war diary, correspondence, and "trench art" made by soldiers. Through such archival and graphic material, World War I: War of Images, Images of War captures the trauma of this first modern war.”
  • Where: Getty Research Institutes I and II, 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • When: Through April 19th, 2015 (Regular museum hours)
  • Cost: Museum admission
  • Info:

~ Walk Now for Autism Speaks Los Angeles

  • What: Walk Now for Autism Speaks is an inspirational and impactful opportunity to raise money and awareness to help change the future for all those who struggle with autism. Participating in Walk Now for Autism Speaks empowers you to make a difference and provides you with an opportunity to honor someone with autism. Everyone is touched by autism in a different way.
  • Where: The Rose Bowl
  • When: Saturday, April 18th
  • Cost: Free
  • Info:

~ Armenian Genocide Centennial #MarchForJustice

  • What: The 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide signifies a global demand for justice by Armenians worldwide and all people of good will. The March for Justice on April 24, 2015 is the largest in the series of AGCC-WUSA hosted events. Participants will gather at 10AM in Little Armenia and will march in solidarity for 6 miles to the Turkish Consulate in the Wilshire District to protest the Turkish government’s continued denial of the Armenian Genocide. This Pan-Armenian March will unite, without exception, the Armenian community in its quest for justice while demonstrating collective strength and spirit. Protesters will thank those who have helped to spread awareness of the Armenian Genocide, and those who work tirelessly to prevent genocide elsewhere in the world.
  • Where: Hollywood, CA
  • When: April 24, 2015
  • Cost: Free
  • Info


~ Wings for Life World Run

  • What: 35 locations around the world, running at the exact same time, in support of Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.  Runners compete until passed by Catcher Car.  Set your own pace and distance.
  • Where: Santa Clarita
  • When: May 3rd, 2015, 4:00 am PST (11:00 am UTC)
  • Cost $50 entrance fee (100% goes to Spinal Cord Research Foundation)
  • Info:

Events To Expect Throughout The Year (Date and Time TBA):

  • AKD Board Member Elections (Fall)
  • Graduate School Seminar (Fall)
  • Volunteer Day During Winter Holidays (Fall)
  • Fundraisers (One in the Fall and another in the Spring)
  • What you can do with a B.A. in Sociology Seminar/ Resume Workshop (Spring)
  • Research Paper Competition (Spring)
  • Initiation Ceremony (Spring)



  • Donations are always welcome. To make a donation to AKD please contact Dr. Lauren Mcdonald: