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COVID-19 Resources

For more information on how to succeed at CSUN as the campus responds to the pandemic as well as university updates, visit CSUN as One.

For available resources from the community, inside and outside of CSUN, visit the Office of Community Engagement's Connect with Community page.

For helpful information as well as resources related to COVID-19 and provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), take a look at their Information and Resource Guide.

For a searchable website dedicated to connecting you to community resources related to COVID-19, visit One Degree Coronavirus Resource Guide, and explore according to your region.

Racial Justice Resources

For daily newsletters, or a chance to explore publications, with a focus on the dismantling of white supremacy, visit Anti-Racism Daily.


On the evening of October 14th, 2020, faculty and students of the MSW Department hosted and recorded a community-wide Teach-In. The online session, entitled "Teach-In: You Matter! Your Vote Matters!", focused on the importance of voting and provided an overview of California propositions on this year's ballots. We are now ready to vote, and we hope you are too! Watch the Teach-In video. 

11th Annual We Are Power: Community in Action Conference

June 16, 2020

11th Annual We Are Power: Community in Action Conference logo

When it comes to the promotion of social justice, CSUN MSW students are ready to work. The We Are Power: Community in Action Conference was an inspirational example of what that work can do. Held in February of 2020 and organized by students of the Department of Social Work at CSUN, this year’s annual conference marked the first to move away from the title “Diversity Day” and embrace the words coined by Native activist and poet, John Trudell: “We Are Power.” Watch the conference video.

MSW Students Celebrated in CSUN Today Article

June 9, 2020

Oviatt Library

Written by Perla Colin, the CSUN Today article entitled "Promotores de Bienestar Mental: Bilingual YouTube Channel Promotes Mental Health in Latinx Communities Through CSUN MSW Program" recognizes a group of MSW students and their launching a bilingual YouTube channel. The channel “Promotores de Bienestar Mental” (“Promoters of Mental Wellbeing”) provides a space to foster the mental health and well-being of the Latinx community. Read the CSUN Today article.

Social Work Thrives

May 26, 2020

Text saying "Department of Social Work News"

The Social Work Profession is 151 years strong. This means the profession has survived major cultural shifts and pandemics. The state of our circumstances today is not new to us, we have been at this place before. This is what gives social workers the drive, dedication, and commitment to keep adapting in the face of an act of nature or humankind.   Read the rest of the story.


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