Social work

Judy Diaz Guerrero - MSW Alum

Judy Diaz Guerrero - MSW alum
Judy Diaz-Guerrero graduated from the CSUN MSW program in May, 2008. Prior to attending CSUN, Judy earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at The University of California, San Diego. While a student in the MSW program, Judy was the President of the Student Social Work Society. Judy’s first-year field placement was at Valley Community Clinic in North Hollywood. Her second-year field placement was at Vista Middle School in Panorama City.

Q.  Where are you working?

A. I just began working full-time as a foster care social worker for Ninos Latinos Unidos (NLU), a foster care agency in Palmdale. NLU recruits and trains Latino foster parents and pairs them with Latino foster children. I work directly with the foster children, their foster families, and the biological parents.

Q. How did you first learn about the profession of social work?

A. I majored in sociology at UC San Diego and worked as a college advisor providing informational, motivational, and academic preparation activities to socio-economically disadvantaged students in grades 6-8. Since then I continued to work in the human service field and realized that social work was the only profession that can tap into the many systems that people belong to and truly make a difference in their lives.

Q. What were the most valuable aspects of your educational experiences in the CSUN MSW program?

A. I feel I was trained to be a well-rounded social worker, rather than just either a clinician or administrator. The fact that CSUN’s MSW program takes on an urban focus and does not have you choose a concentration allowed me to grow in many ways. I also had exceptional professors who genuinely cared about my overall learning experience. It was wonderful to have such one-on-one attention.

Additional Information: I also enjoy working with families and being part of an interdisciplinary team, which is what school social work offers: therefore, I plan on getting my PPS credential to become a school social worker. I will eventually pursue licensure but I also want to work at the macro level. That is the beauty of an MSW, it offers versatility!