Social work

Frank Costello, MSW Alum

Frank Costello, MSW alum
Frank Costello, MSW, is a graduate of the CSUN MSW program. He has a B.A. degree in Psychology. In his first year as a MSW student, Frank’s field placement was at Tarzana Treatment Center; his second year field placement was at Valley Community Clinic. Frank is currently working for the Children’s Bureau of Southern California as a Mental Health Therapist with children and their families, and he coordinates the agency’s Therapeutic Behavioral Sciences team.

Q. How did you first learn about the profession of social work?

A. I have always been familiar with social work as a profession, but I wasn’t sure about what social workers actually do (and can do) until I was working as a youth counselor after earning my B.A. and in my place of employement, I was working in conjunction with social workers.

Q. What have been the most valuable aspects of your educational experiences so far in the CSUN MSW program?

A. The most valuable aspects of my educational experience in the CSUN MSW program were an excellent foundation of knowledge of different theoretical frameworks, hands-on experience performing individual therapy, strong knowledge of research methods and how to conduct research, and how to effectively advocate for social policies.

Q. What are your professional interests for now and in the future?

A. Right now my interests are in working with children and families with special needs, strengthening my clinical skills and formulating effective eclectic approaches to therapy. In the future I would like to train and supervise beginning social workers, hold a private practice and be involved in academia.

Please list research interests, if any:
Motivation of children, effective teaching strategies for children and adolescents, and the effects of music education on childrens learning.

Additional Comments:

I started the MSW program as a student not known for achievement or going above and beyond what was the minimum requirement, but I left the MSW program with the confidence and tools to achieve at a high level.