Social work

Capstone Q & A’s for MSW Interns

Is my field placement agency appropriate for the collection of data?

Not typically. Your field placement agency should not be used for the recruitment of research participants, unless a special arrangement has been made with your internship supervisor. During your interviews to find a field placement, you may mention your interest in recruiting research subjects for your Capstone study. However, it is not the agency’s responsibility to facilitate the completion of your Capstone research project. There is an inherent conflict of interest in the dual role of student clinician, and student researcher. As a result, only your field internship supervisor can determine if it is appropriate for you to collect data at your placement site for the purposes of research.

May I speak with HR at my field placement in order to secure approval to recruit research subjects?

NO. You MUST speak directly with your internship supervisor to make arrangements to recruit research subjects from your placement site. Only your internship supervisor may consult with HR, or any other person at your placement setting regarding the appropriateness of recruiting research subjects.

What if I no longer have a field placement when conducting my Capstone project?

Ask early! If you anticipate that you will no longer be completing field placement hours, ask your field internship supervisor if you may return at a later date to collect information for your Capstone project. Internship supervisors have no obligation to help you complete this component of your MSW degree. Be respectful of their position, and consider the many other ways data may be collected.