Social work

Advisory Board

CSUN MSW Program Advisory Board Mission, Membership, and Goals

The mission of the CSUN MSW Program Advisory Board is to provide leadership and support to the CSUN Department of Social Work in its continuing efforts to educate students for the achievement of the MSW program's mission statement and goals in ways that meet the needs of students and the surrounding communities.

The CSUN MSW Program Advisory Board ensures that its membership consists of current students, alumni, faculty, and community social workers who bring diverse knowledge and skills to CSUN's MSW Program to promote guidance and growth.

The CSUN Program Advisory Board's goals are to:

  • Generate financial support through fundraising efforts;

  • Provide informed guidance through continuing education workshops and professional opportunities for students and faculty; and

  • Engage with and promote the CSUN MSW Program within the community

Michele Bartlett, LCSW

Lecturer, CSUN Department of Social Work and Tseng College, CSUN MSW Alumna 

Leo Clark, LCSW

Residential Placement Consultant for Ventura County Office of Education, CSUN MSW Alumnus 

S. Jolene Hui, MSW, LCSW

Director of Membership, National Association of Social Workers - California Chapter

Michelle Lewis

CSUN Department of Social Work Field Instructor, CSUN MSW Alumna 

Jose Ramos Jr., MSW

Lecturer, CSUN Department of Social Work Professor, Senior Program Director at Children's Bureau of California 

Martha Waite, MSW, LCSW

VA GLAHS Sepulveda Ambulatory Care and Community Living Center

Julie Gould, LCSW

CSUN MSW CalSWEC Title IV-E Project Coordinator/Mental Health Program Coordinator, Department Representative 

Yan Searcy

Dean of CSUN College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Esmeralda Melo

Current CSUN MSW Student & CSUN Social Work Society President