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Africana Studies Prof. Gammage Receives Book Award

October 26, 2016

Professor Marquita Gammage

Africana Studies Professor Marquita Gammage received the Best Scholarly Publication Book Award for Representations of Black Women in the Media: The Damnation of Black Womanhood at the 2016 Diop International Conference. Read more

CSUN Psychology Professor Luciana Lagana Wins Multiple Awards

September 21, 2016

Prof. Luciana Lagana

Psychology professor, actor, host, director and social impact filmmaker Luciana Lagana received the Best Political Statement Movie Award at the 2016 Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival in Monrovia, California for her feature documentary LGBT UNITED. This film is currently being tested for its anti-bias value at California State University, Northridge. It won several awards on the film festival circuit, including a diversity award at the Long Beach Indie Film Festival 2016, the California Endowment Special Sons and Brothers Award for positive and balanced depictions of young men of color. Read more


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