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TIP: Tuition Waiver Elegibility

Each semester, the Office of Graduate Studies provides two tuition waivers for current teacher interns (Teaching Associates). In a given year, the department receives a total of four tuition waivers (provided that funding is available). Since there are typically more than four interns, the department has developed criteria for eligibility and priority to receive a tuition waiver. 

Eligibility requirements

1. Student must be a current Psychology Department Teacher Intern.
2. Student must not have external funding sources (e.g., fellowships) that provide full or partial tuition costs.
3. Student is fully classified in his/her respective program area (Clinical; GE; HF).
4. Seniority. Returning interns (from previous year) who have not received the waiver will have priority over new interns.
5. Student did not receive tuition waiver in the past (only 1 semester tuition waiver per student).
6. Student GPA. Teacher interns with the highest GPA will be given the next top priority (after seniority).



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