Teacher Intern Program FAQ's

Q: Why should I apply for TIPs?

There are many benefits to becoming a teacher intern: professional development, great for your curriculum vitae, monthly stipend, faculty parking, become more competitive for doctoral programs, will have a teaching portfolio, and many more.

Q: How do I get into TIPs?

Look through this website carefully and contact the faculty coordinators and applications. Faculty coordinators send out a call for applications to current psychology graduate students. Complete an application and submit it to Jessica in the psychology department by the due date. Applicants will be interviewed and may be required to make a brief presentation of a topic in psychology (please note there are differences between PSY 150 and PSY 321L TIPS).

Q: Do I have to be registered to be in TIPs?

Yes, you must be a current graduate student (Fall and Spring) and in good standing in order to be in the program.

Q: What courses do Teacher Interns teach?

PSY 150, the introductory course in psychology, 3 units.
PSY 321L, lab section of psychology research methods, 2 units.
Occasionally interns may teach up to two sections of one course or teach both.

Q: What other responsibilities do Teacher Interns have?

For PSY 150 - During the summer, interns work fervently on creating a course syllabus, lectures, philosophy of teaching, and classroom exercises. During the school year, these teacher interns attend weekly meetings with the PSY 150 TIPs coordinator.
For PSY 321L – The lab sections of PSY 321 are manualized and standardized. You are given lecture notes, lab exercises, in-class pre-designed experiments, and grading rubrics to grade all assignments. During the first semester you teach you are required to shadow and observe the faculty coordinator teach lab before teaching your own section. All PSY 321L instructors meet with the faculty coordinator once a week to discuss instruction, teaching strategies, grading, student research projects, and other instructional matters.

Q: Do I get paid to teach?

Yes, all interns receive a modest stipend for teaching Psy 150 (3 units) and Psy 321L (2 units). In addition, tuition fee waivers are awarded to interns throughout the year.