Student Travel

Are you traveling to a scientific conference?

All student planning to travel to a conference or a training event related or part of the CSUN
education experience must complete the following forms and submit them to at least 4 weeks prior to traveling (if not submitted within this
time frame, you run the risk of your request being denied). These forms must be completed
even if you are not receiving any financial support for the travel from CSUN.

Use this Quick Guide:

Follow these steps to complete the REQUIRED FORMS before you travel and obtain funding for your travel:

Step 1:  Complete Travel Forms (.PDF) 4 weeks prior to travel  

Step 2: Apply for Travel Funding ($$) Opportunities: 

After Travel is Completed 

* To be Reimbursed for your travel your must complete the CSUN Travel Claim from (.xls) 

    • All Travel Receipt (Registration Fees, Lodging, Transportation/Mileage, etc.) 
    • Provide credit card Statement used for Purchases
    • Submit the completed forms to Evelyn Osorio by email or in-person in SH 376