Stefanie Drew

Associate Professor
(818) 677-3503
Office location:
ST 332



  • Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
  • M.A. University of California, Irvine
  • B.A. Claremont McKenna College

Courses Taught

  • PSY150 - Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY321 - Research Methods
  • PSY369 - Applied Cognition
  • PSY500 - Professional Development
  • PSY 581 - Teaching in Psychology
  • PSY690A - Advanced Sensation and Perception

Selected Publications and Presentations


Drew, SA, Awad, JF, Hackney, BC & Fenn, E. (2018) Orange is Less Than Green: An Examination of Bidirectionality in Grapheme-Color Synesthesia. Perception. 47(8): 881-891

Liu, C, Drew, SA, Borsting, E, Stark, L, Escobar, A & Chase, C. (2016) Tonic Accommodation Predicts Closed-loop Accommodation Responses. Vision Research. 129: 25-32

Borsting, E, Liu, C, Drew, S, Chase, C.  (2015) Does somatic amplification effect patient reports of visual discomfort? Vision Development and Rehabilitation 1(2): 135-141 

Drew, SA, Borsting, E, Stark, LR and Chase, C. (2012) Chromatic aberration, accommodation and color preferences in asthenopia. Optometry and Vision Science.

Drew, SA, Chubb, CF, and Sperling, G. (2010) Precise attention filters for Weber contrast derived from centroid estimations. Journal of Vision. 10(10): 20


Drew, SA, Escobar, AE and Chase, C. (2012) “Accommodative Lag is Not Predictive of Diminished Reading Speeds in Natural Settings” Vision Science Society Meeting, Naples, Florida

Drew, SA, Asher, DE, Barton, B and Brewer, AA (2010) “Pinwheel cartography: New visual field map cluster in the human posterior parahippocampal complex” Society for Neuroscience Meeting, San Diego

Drew, SA, Chubb, CF and Sperling, G. (2009) “Quantifying Attention: Attention filtering in centroid estimations” Vision Science Society Meeting, Florida

Drew, SA, Chubb, CF, Ehrlich, T, Rubin, T and Sperling, G. (2008) Binary versus graded filters for selectively attending to dots of different contrasts. Vision Science Annual Meeting, Florida

Wong-Drew, SA, Chubb, CF and Sperling, G. (2006) Attentional filtering of dot intensities in centroid estimations. Vision Science Society Annual Meeting, Florida

Research Interests

Virtual Reality

With the recent emergence of new immersive virtual reality systems on the market, little is known about the impact of these machines on the ocular system. We are currently exploring potential impacts these systems have on the accommodative and vergence oculomotor systems as well as whether people are able to transfer motor skills learned in the virtual world to the real world.

Accommodation, Asthenopia and Reading

Asthenopia, or visual discomfort, is a common condition that is characterized by symptoms that can include sore eyes, blurred vision, headaches, re-reading when performing near-work tasks such as reading or looking at a computer screen. Currently, we are utilizing a combination of techniques including surveys, psychophysics and eye-tracking to examine the relationship between this condition and accommodation.


Synesthesia is a fascinating condition in which individuals experience additional sensory perceptions when viewing a stimulus. Currently, we are investigating the effects of attention on synesthetic perceptions in grapheme-color synesthetes, individuals that experience colors when viewing black and white letters and numbers.

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Currently, we are designing experiments to include a comparative examination of commercially available EEG machines on the market.

Visual Attention

 We are currently examining how visual attention, as measured by eye-tracking, is affected by particular objects, such as a weapon.