Participant Info (Psy 150|250)

Participant Information

NOTE: SONA opens for studies during the *first few weeks of every Fall and Spring semester. Participants will receive their SONA credentials at this time.

Every student participating in research must comply with the Participant Information Packet. The packet contains information about your rights and responsibilities, but does not constitute all research policies of the Psychology Department.

PSY 150/250 Research Requirement

Research Requirement Presentation (.pdf)

NOTE: Current Fall 2023 Credit Requirements are the following:

PSY 150: 26 credits

PSY 250: 18 credits

*Subject to change in the coming semesters

Participant Information Packet

This packet contains all information on the policies and procedures for participation in experiments and signing onto Sona Systems.

If you have a question that is not answered in the Research Requirement Presentation, the ARA instructions, or elsewhere on the research area website, please contact

Alternative Research Assignment

Please note: The alternative research assignment is now turned in electronically through our Research Area Canvas Page. To be added to our Canvas page, simply email

ARA for PSY 150 (.pdf)

ARA for PSY 250 (.pdf)

* The ARA instructions and article lists were updated in Fall 2021: the above documents will remain current for the foreseeable future.