Spring 2020 CSUN in DC Internship Program

August 26, 2019

During the first two weeks of the semester, Dr. Becker will be hosting Information Sessions for the Spring 2020 CSUN in DC Internship Program.

In case you don’t know, the CSUN in DC Internship Program is an opportunity for students to live, work, and learn in Washington, D.C. for the entire Spring semester.  Students earn 12-15 units during the semester which means participation can even help them to graduate on time.  Students intern with members of Congress, with agencies, with non-profits, with advocacy organizations, with private firms, or with museums or embassies.  There are a lot of great opportunities and we work with students to get them placed in the internship that is right for their goals and plans.  We also have funds available to help subsidize the costs for students so if they want to do this but are worried about the cost, they should come learn more because we can help them to make it work financially!

The dates and times for the Information Sessions are listed below and all sessions will be held in Sierra Hall 290.

 Wednesday, August 28 – 2:00pm

 Thursday, August 29 – 5:00pm

Tuesday, September 3 – 12:30pm

Thursday, September 5 – 3:30pm

Friday, September 6 – 11:00am

Monday, September 9 – 2:00pm

Wednesday, September 11 – 12:30pm

Thursday, September 12 – 5:00pm

To learn more about CSUN in DC: Flyer