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Psychology Summer 2017 Courses Still Available

May 10, 2017

Interested in taking psychology courses over the summer? There are still classes available!

Summer Session 2 Classes Available: (May 30, 2017-July 11, 2017)

•PSY 250- Physiological Correlates of Human Behavior (Mon/Weds- 1pm-4pm)
•PSY 301- Psychology Pre Professional Development (ONLINE) 

Summer Session 3 Classes Available: (July 12,2017-August 22,2017)

•PSY 305- Cultural Determinants in Psychology (Mon/Weds- 1pm-4pm)
•PSY 321/L- Psychology Research Methods & Lab (Mon/Weds- 1pm-4:10pm & Mon/Weds 5pm-6:35pm)
•PSY 471 Advanced Inquiry: Clinical ABA (Mon/Weds- 1pm-4:10pm & Mon/Weds- 4:30pm-5:35pm)