Congratulations to our Graduating Clinical & General Experimental Psychology Master's Students!

May 19, 2020

Congratulations to our graduating GE and Clinical Psychology Master's students! Class of 2020!

Clinical Psychology Students

Melissa G.Melissa Gavilanes

 Mentor: Alyssa Arentoft, thesis title: "The Relationship Between Cognitive Flexibility and the Experience of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in HIV+ Individuals"





Shayna G.Shayna Greenberg

Mentor: Luciana Lagana, thesis title: "Promoting Empathy with Film: Improving Attitudes Towards Older, LGBTQ+ Adults Experiencing Homelessness"






James H.James Hodgins

Mentor: Scott Plunkett, thesis title: "Perceived Parenting Behaviors, Emotion Dysregulation, and Interpersonal Relationship Anxiety of Emerging Adults"






Katherine M. Katherine Morain 

Mentor: Luciana Lagana, thesis title: "Variables that Exacerbate Pain in Chronic Pain Patients and how they Predict Pain Levels"






Crystal V.Crystal Venegas

Mentor: Meeta Banerjee, thesis title: "A Longitudinal Exploration of Socio-cultural Factors on Mental Health in Latinx Youth to Emerging Adulthood"






Bryan Ross 

Mentor:  Mark Sergi, thesis title: "Alcohol Abuse in Victims of Childhood Maltreatment: The Roles of Reinforcement Sensitivity and Emotion Dysregulation"


Alyssa S. Alyssa Serpa

Mentor: Gary Katz







General Experimental Psychology Students

 Jonathan BenitezJonathan Benitez

 Mentor: Debbie Ma, thesis title: "Does Knowledge of the Hapa Label Increase Multiracial Categorizations?"






Taylor Doty Taylor Doty

 Mentor: Stefanie Drew, thesis title: "Reading between the lines: The effects of reading in virtual reality and other mediums on the visual systems"






Stephanie DunnStephanie Dunn

Mentor: Debbie Ma, thesis title "Individual Differences in the Mental Representation of Biracial and Monoracial Faces: A Multidimensional Scaling Approach"






Javari MJavari Fairclough

Mentor: Scott Plunkett, thesis title: "Examining the Relative Importance of Parental Educational Attainment, Educational Aspirations, Academic Encouragement, Academic Involvement, and Monitoring on Latino Adolescents’ Academic Engagement"






Roxana LRoxana Lesso

Mentor: Elise Fenn, thesis title: "Is trait-empathy a significant predictor at detecting deception when strong diagnostic cues to deception are present?"






Rob Montgomery Rob Montgomery

 Mentor: Abe Rutchick, thesis title: "Randomized controlled trial of interventions for increasing intentional smartphone use and their impact on well-being"






Olyvia R.Olivya Reyes

Mentor: Scott Plunkett, thesis title:  "Neighhorhood, Family, and Peer Qualities Related to Male and Female Latino 9th Graders' Depressive Symptoms"






Skye S.Skye Shodahl

Mentor: Meeta Banerjee, thesis title: "An Exploration of the Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Health Outcomes of Obesity Among an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Asian Americans"



Kaitlyn SKaitlyn Swinney

Mentor: Mark Otten, thesis title: "Comparing Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes on Academic Impostor Syndrome"






Essence Wilson Essence Wilson

 Mentor: Andrew Ainsworth, thesis title: "Social Implications of Lightboard Technology toward Student Retention on Statistical Methods"