... from Independent Program Review 2001-2002

1. The undergraduate program in Psychology is a first rate liberal arts major. Students receive a solid training in research methods and statistics as well as a broad knowledge of core areas in Psychology.

2. The department has an excellent record of employment placement and graduate school admission.

3. The masters programs also have excellent reputations and students are in demand. A recent NSF report lists the CSU Northridge as number one in non-doctoral programs in preparing students who go on to earn their doctorates in Psychology.

4. Students are exposed to rigorous coursework and hands-on laboratory experiences. The department is commended for adding cognitive psychology to the list of core lab courses, as this is a central area in psychology and the dominant contemporary school of thought.

5. Undergraduates have many opportunities to work with faculty on independent research and field experiences, including presenting papers at conferences.

6. A core of extremely hard working, dedicated, and effective faculty support the program. Faculty have been successful in creating rich research experiences for students, state-of-the-art courses, rigorous preparation in psychology and a supportive environment for students.

7. The program is up-to-date in the field of psychology yet flexible enough to anticipate future directions of the discipline and students’ future employment needs.

8. Graduate students were appreciative of the Teacher Intern Program (TIPS) in which they gain teaching experience under close faculty supervision.