Chunying Jin

photo of Chunying Jin
Assistant Professor / Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Program Associate Director
Office location:
ST 304



  • Ph.D. 2013, Western New England University (Behavior Analysis)
  • M.S., 2009, California State University, Los Angeles (Behavioral Psychology)
  • B.S., 2007, University of California, San Diego (Experimental Psychology)

Specialty Areas

  • Behavioral Health, Sleep Assessment and Treatment, Functional Analysis and Treatment of Severe Problem Behavior, Preschool Life Skills, Prevention, Child Development

Courses Taught

  • PSY 327 Infancy and Early Childhood
  • PSY 351 Behavioral Psychology and Therapy
  • PSY 471AB Advanced Inquiry in Clinical/Personality Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis
  • PSY 553 Measurement and Experimental Evaluation of Behavior (Graduate Course)
  • PSY 555 Assessment in Applied Behavior Analysis (Graduate Course)
  • PSY 611 Developmental Psychopathology and ABA Interventions (Graduate Course)

Selected Publications

Jin, C. S., Hanley, G. P., & Beaulieu, L. (2013). An individualized and comprehensive approach to treating sleep problems in young children. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 46, 161-180.

Hanley, G. P., Jin, C. S., Vanselow, N. R., & Hanratty, L. (2014). Producing meaningful improvements in problem behavior of children with autism via synthesized analyses and treatments. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47, 16-36.

Ghaemmaghami, M. G., Hanley, G. P., Jin, C. S., & Vanselow, N. R. (2015). Affirming control by multiple reinforcers via progressive treatment analysis. Behavioral Interventions, 31(1), 70-86.

Santiago, J. L., Hanley, G. P., Moore, K., & Jin, C. S. (2016). The generality of interview-informed functional analyses: systematic replications in school and home. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 46(3) 797-811.

Nava, C. E., Fahmie, T., Jin, C. S., & Kumar, P. (2019). Evaluating the efficacy, preference, and cultural responsiveness of student-generated content in an undergraduate behavioral course. Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Fahmie, T. A., Garcia, A. R., Poetry, J. H., Tierman, E. M., Hamawe, R., Marks, S. T., Jin, C. S. (2020). Topographies and functions of emerging problem behavior and appropriate requests in neurotypical preschoolers. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Selected Presentations

Fahmie, T.A., Nava, C.N., Jin, S., & Kumar, P. (May, 2018). Evaluating the effect of peer-generated, multi-media examples of the behavioral principles in an advanced Applied Behavior Analysis undergraduate course. Paper presented at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), San Diego, CA.

Jin. C. S. (August, 2018). Treatment of sleep problems in young children diagnosed with Autism. Invited Presentation at the National Autism Conference, State College, Pennsylvania.

Garcia, A., Poetry, J., Jin, S., & Fahmie, T.A. (February, 2019). Functional analysis of emerging problem behavior and functional skills in at-risk preschoolers. Paper presented at the 37th Annual Conference of California Association for Behavior Analysis conference, Long Beach, CA.

Warner, C, Montalvo, M, Rojas, A., Mahmoudi, S., Jin, C. S., & Fahmie, T. A. (March, 2021). Appropriate behavior occurring during functional analysis conditions in typically developing preschoolers. Paper presented at the 39th Annual Conference of California Association of Behavior Analysis, California.

Jin., C. S. (April, 2022). Assessment and treatment of sleep problems in young Children. Invited presentation at the 15th Annual Conference on Autism & Related Disorders: Research-Based Solutions by Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, Solvang, CA.

Monarrez, M., Jin, C. S., Thakore, A., Posey, J., & Fahmie, T. (May, 2023). Some important considerations for the functional assessment of severe problem behavior. Paper presented at the 49th Annual Convention for Association of Behavior Analysis International, Denver, CO.

Monarrez, M., Jin, C. S., Posey, J., Thakore, A., & Fahmie, T. (March, 2023). Function-based prevention: screening of problem behavior and appropriate behavior occurring under functional analysis conditions. Paper presented at the 42nd Annual Conference of California Association for Behavior Analysis, Anaheim, CA.

Research Interests

My research is driven by three main goals: improving the quality of lives of individuals, delivering meaningful and consumer-friendly interventions to members of the community, and enhancing the mainstream relevance of behavior analysis.

Functional Analysis and Treatment of Severe Problem Behavior: Challenging behavior such as aggression, disruption, and self-injury interferes with children’s adaptive skills and learning. Our goal in this line of research is to design safe and efficient functional analysis conditions to identify variables influencing children’s challenging behavior and to design efficacious and socially acceptable interventions to improve their developmental trajectories.

Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems: Sleep problems such as delayed sleep onset, sleep interfering behavior, night and early awakenings, and insufficient amount of sleep are prevalent among young children and adults. Our goal in this line of research is to identify the unique variables influencing common sleep problems among individuals and to design comprehensive and personalized sleep intervention to improve their quality of sleep.

Early Life Skills and Prevention: One of goals of prevention is the early detection and mitigation of problems before their escalation. Our goal in this line of research is to proactively address challenging behavior in a preschool or a domestic setting by (a) designing assessments that could safely screen for early emerging behavior, (b) preemptive teaching of critical skills such as functional communication, delay and denial tolerance, and friendship skills, and (c) designing environments that are conducive to healthy learning and development.