Fellow Interest Form

What is a Fellow?

  • A fellow is a freshmen, sophomore, or 1st semester transfer psychology major or minor.
  • You will receive entry training (peer mentoring) from a senior fellow. The senior fellow will provide you with information regarding department, university, and college resources. This year, the training will be on September 7th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please confirm your availability and save this date.
  • Once a Fellow is at junior or senior standing, or is in their second semester as a transfer student, they may receive a recommendation from their matched senior fellow and/or faculty advisor to receive priority becoming a Senior Fellow.

What are the Benefits for Fellows?

  • Involvement in the psychology program! Meet new friends. Attend events solo, or with your matched Senior Fellow.
  • Enhance knowledge about the psychology major! Meet with your matched fellow/senior fellow throughout each semester!
  • Helping others! Learn about mentoring others, and volunteer!
  • Printing Privileges in CAPS!