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Martin Saiz

Martin Saiz
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-7236
Office location:
ST 220



  • Ph.D. 1992, University of Colorado at Boulder, “Determinants of Economic Development Policy Innovation Among the American Startes”
  • M.P.C.D.  1981, Planning and Community Development, University of Colorado at Denver.
  • B.A. 1978, Arizona State University, Tempe.

Courses Taught

  • POLS 155: American Political Institutions
  • POLS 355: American National State and Local Governments
  • POLS 403: State and Local Government
  • POLS 405: Urban Politics
  • POLS 469: City Planning
  • POLS 494: Political Science Internship
  • POLS 471: Pro-seminar in American Politics
  • POLS 540: Seminar in American Government and Politics

Selected Publications and Presentations

Local Parties in Political and Organizational Perspective. Boulder: Westview Press, 1999 (edited with Hans Geser).
“The Politics of Economic Development and Transportation." In Virginia Gray and Russell Hanson eds. Politics in the American States, ninth edition.  Washington: Congressional Quarterly Press, 2008 (with Susan Clarke).

“An Anatomy of Failure: Why the San Fernando Valley failed to Secede.” California Policy Issues Annual 4:39-66. 2003 (with Tom Hogen-Esch).

“From Waterhole to World City: Place-Luck and Public Agendas in Denver” In Dennis Judd ed. The Infrastructure of Play: Building the Tourist City. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 2003 (with Susan Clarke).

“Politics and Economic Development: Why Governments Adopt Different Strategies to Induce Economic Growth” Policy Studies Journal 29:203-214, 2001.

“Using Program Attributes to Measure and Evaluate State Economic Development Activism” Economic Development Quarterly. 15:45-57, 2001.

“Local Developmental and Redistributive Policies: A Comparative Perspective” Urban Affairs Review, 34:820-842, 1999.

“Labor Organization and Public Policy in the American States” Journal of Politics 60:113-25, 1998 (with Benjamin Radcliff).

"Race, Turnout, and Public Policy in the American States"   Political Research Quarterly  48:775-94, 1995 (with Benjamin Radcliff).

Research and Interests

Professor Saiz writes extensively on issues of urban politics, local political parties, economic development, and the effects of voting on public policy  His book Local Parties in Political and Organizational Perspective, incorporates studies of seven mature and two developing industrial democracies, and unites them with an original theoretical framework. His articles have been published in the Journal of Politics, Urban Affairs Review, Political Research Quarterly, Policy Studies Journal, Economic Development Quarterly, The Journal of Urban Affairs, and California Policy Issues Annual, as well as other books and journals.

Prior to teaching, Professor Saiz directed small town and neighborhood community service centers for the Center for Community Development and Design at the University of Colorado at Denver. There, he developed and supervised community-based projects for the College of Architecture and Planning. In Denver, he was active in local affairs and was served two terms on the City and County of Denver’s Planning Commission.