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Kristy Michaud

Dr. Kristy Michaud
Full-time Faculty
(818) 677-2660
Office location:
UN 215



Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara (2007)

Courses Taught

POLS 155 American Political Institutions
POLS 355 American National, State, and Local Governments
POLS 361 Introduction to Public Policy
POLS 445 Political Behavior
POLS 461 Environmental Policy
POLS 490CA Title V California State and Local Government
POLS 498C Political Science Internship Program
POLS 540B Seminar in American Political Behavior

Selected Publications

Michaud, Kristy, Linda Bowen, Janet Oh, and Elizabeth Adams. 2017. "A Data-Informed Approach to Advancing Equity," Peer Review 19 (Spring 2017): 11-12.

Carlisle, Juliet E., Jessica T. Feezell, Kristy E.H. Michaud, and Eric R.A.N. Smith. 2016. The Politics of Energy Crises. Oxford University Press.

Carlisle, Juliet E., Jessica T. Feezell, Kristy E.H. Michaud, Eric R.A.N. Smith, and Leanna Smith. 2010. “The Public’s Trust in Scientific Claims Regarding Offshore Oil Drilling, Public Understanding of Science 19 (Fall 2010): 514-527.

Kurland, Nancy B., Kristy E.H. Michaud, Mechelle, Best, Erica Wohldmann, Helen Cox, Kyriakos Pontikis, Ashwani Vasishth. 2010. “Overcoming Silos: The Role of an Interdisciplinary Course in Shaping a Sustainability Network," Academy of Management Learning and Education 9 (Fall 2010): 457-476.

Michaud, Kristy E.H., Juliet E. Carlisle, and Eric R.A.N. Smith. 2009. “The Relationship between Cultural Values and Political Ideology, and the Role of Political Knowledge,” Political Psychology 30 (Winter 2009): 27-42.

Michaud, Kristy E.H., Juliet E. Carlisle, and Eric R.A.N. Smith. 2008. “Nimbyism vs. environmentalism in attitudes toward energy development,” Environmental Politics 17 (Winter 2008): 20-39.

Research and Interests

Environmental politics and policy with a focus on climate change, energy, and sustainability policy; public opinion and political behavior; public administration and the policy process

Kristy Michaud is the Director of the Office of Student Success Innovations (OSSI) and a Professor of Political Science at CSUN.  Her research focuses on political behavior and policymaking, with an emphasis on environmental politics and policy. As the Director of OSSI, Dr. Michaud coordinates efforts across campus to support student success and close opportunity gaps.