Hip-Hop Radio Personality Skyy Hook to be Visiting Scholar at CSUN in Spring 2021

January 12, 2021

Hip-hop journalist, radio personality and show producer Skyy Hook will offer an inside look at the music, culture and generational disconnect in the world of hip-hop as a visiting scholar during the Spring 2021 semester in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology Department.

Hook is scheduled to teach “Anthropology 232: Expressive Culture,” which offers an intensive examination of a specific form of expressive culture. She will be tapping into her extensive knowledge of, and connections in, the world of hip-hop, as she helps students explore a culture that is not solely defined by music.

“Anthropology is the study of human beings and the human experience,” said Yan Searcy, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “Hip-hop is the most listened to type of music on the planet, and it influences all aspects of life. Skyy will give our students a critical understanding of hip-hop, and how it has influenced global culture. It may have started out as urban street music, but hip-hop has since grown into a culture that touches fashion, politics and has generated multimillion-dollar businesses.”

Searcy said Hook is just the first of what he hopes will be a series of visiting scholars who are part of the college’s proposed Center for the Interdisciplinary Pursuit of Hip-Hop Evolution & Research.

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