M.A. in Sustainability

  • Master's in Sustainability Coming in Fall 2022.
  • Master's in Sustainability Coming in Fall 2022.

M.A. in Sustainability

Create a Better, Greener Future.

Sustainability issues have a deep, far-reaching impact on every aspect of our lives – from science, business and economics to healthcare, social justice and public policy. As both the public and private sectors work to combat the effects of climate change, the demand for professionals trained in sustainability are only increasing.

CSUN’s M.A. in Sustainability is designed to prepare students with the advanced knowledge and skills to find solutions. Whether you’re passionate about solving global and local environmental challenges, evaluating water resources and assessing energy efficiency, or developing sustainable business and community practices, this program sets you on a career path to meaningful work that improves our world.

Rolling admissions begins Nov. 15, 2021.

Choose from four areas of specialization.

Meet our faculty. Find out more about our program requirements and course lists.

A career in sustainability can be yours.

Start Your Journey Toward an M.A. in Sustainability

Rolling Admissions beginning November 15th, 2021 with an APPLICATION DEADLINE of April 5th.
CLASSES START: August 2022