Master's in Sustainability

Mission Statement

The M.A. program in Sustainability is designed to prepare students with advanced knowledge and skills to tackle environmental challenges in the 21st century. With a multifaceted program of study addressing the intersection of science, technology, environmental justice, business, and policy, the curriculum complements CSUN's institutional learning outcomes to advance students' intellectual development while preparing them for opportunities and success in their careers.

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Create a Better, Greener Future

Sustainability issues have a deep, far-reaching impact on every aspect of our lives – from science, business and economics to healthcare, social justice and public policy. As both the public and private sectors work to combat the effects of climate change, the demand for professionals trained in sustainability is only increasing.

CSUN’s M.A. program in Sustainability is designed to equip students with the advanced knowledge and skills to find solutions. Whether you’re passionate about solving global and local environmental challenges, evaluating water resources and assessing energy efficiency, or developing sustainable business and community practices, this program sets you on a career path to meaningful work that improves our world.

Sustainability Stats


Sustainability is now a division in nearly all largest companies, universities, municipalities, state and national government.


The number of continents where sustainability professionals can work and have impact.

3 million

The number of Americans who worked in clean energy in 2020.


Average salary for sustainability executives in CA that likely required master’s degrees.


Increase in Linkedin members with sustainability job titles in 2019. Top job titles that enjoyed the greatest growth were Sustainability Analyst, Sustainability Advisor, each of which rose more than 20% over the past two years.


In 2019, there was a 10% growth in job roles with titles related to sustainability, above and beyond the overall growth in all jobs posted.

Institute for Sustainability

Founded in 2008, the Institute for Sustainability works with stakeholders across campus and the region to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the university, from operations and infrastructure to outreach, education, and research. The Institute works to increase interdisciplinary and cross-functional communication, education and research on sustainability. A key component of the MA in Sustainability is the active engagement of ideas in professional environments. Students in the M.A. Program in Sustainability form close relationships with our partners at CSUN's Institute for Sustainability, through internships and class projects.

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A Word from Our Dean

"The MA in Sustainability is for those who want to have impact. It provides a core understanding of sustainability that will allow them to not only work and communicate with scientists and scholars, but also corporations and communities. It is training that advances sustainability work and future study. This program prepares for successful careers and innovation in an emerging field."

- Yan Dominic Searcy Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Amanda Baugh

Program Director

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