M.A. in Sustainability

Meet our Students

Joel Carreon

Joel CarreonJoel Carreon - Community Well-being and Social Justice

Joel Carreon's background as a procurement and packaging manager has gotten him interested in sustainable solutions. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Joel is committed to social justice and community well-being.

Tiffany Derrick

Tiffany DerrickTiffany Derrick - Sustainability Leadership and Public Policy

Tiffany Derrick is an advocate for green spaces, organic recycling, and sustainability. With a background as a former communication educator and experience as a Stay-at-Home Mom, Tiffany is committed to shaping a more sustainable and promising future for generations to come.

Nelson Portillo

Nelson PortilloNelson Portillo - Sustainability Leadership and Public Policy

Nelson Portillo is a first-generation immigrant who has firsthand experience of the inequities of climate change.  He is passionate about encouraging others to take personal accountability and reduce their individual environmental footprint and reduce waste and consumption. 


Victoria Rogers

Victoria RogersVictoria Grace Rogers - Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Victoria Rogers is fueled by curiosity and a desire to improve the world where she can. With a background in finance, she combines her pursuits in sustainability and hopes to improve upon her family business in Texas.

Sedigheh Abassi-Sirchi

Sedigheh Abassi-Sirchi

Hengame Abassi Sirchi - Community Well-being and Social Justice

Hengame Abassi is interested in environmental sustainability, sustainable gardening, ethnic cultures, and social justice. She was born in Kerman, Iran, has experience of two migrations to Germany and America, with a background in nursing, self-defense technique, international reporter, announcer and host of radio and television in Farsi programs.

Faith Supangkat

Faith SupangkatFaith Supangkat - Environmental Science, Water Resources, and Technology

Faith Supangkat is a plant lover and is interested in sustainable landscapes and water use. With a background in Communications Studies and a minor in Urban Planning, she is passionate about the human experience and how people interact with the environment.

Bryan Tran

Bryan TranBryan Tran - Community Well-being and Social Justice

With a background in social science research, Bryan Tran is dedicated to exploring the intersections of environmental psychology, zero waste practices, and conservation. He is an ardent advocate for environmental justice and a strong believer in holistic approaches to learning natural sciences.

Benjamin Verheiden

Benjamin VerheidenBenjamin Verheiden - Sustainability Leadership and Public Policy

Benjamin Verheiden is a student with disabilities with a passion for sustainable and equitable transportation. A veteran of CSUN's Urban Planning undergraduate program, he is now pursuing the MA in Sustainability at CSUN to complement the Urban Planning BA