W.P. Whitsett Lectures

W.P. Whitsett Lectures
  • 1987 Glenn Dumke, "The Boom of the 1880s in Southern California"
  • 1988 Andrew Rolle, "Exploring an Explorer: California, Psycho-History and John Fremont"
  • 1989 Kevin Starr, "From Oz to Tarzana: Metaphor and Real Estate Development in Southern California in the Early Twentieth Century"
  • 1990 William Goetzman, "Re-Mythologizing the American West"
  • 1991 Doyce Nunis, "Medicine in Hispanic California"
  • 1992 Martin Ridge, "California: The Imagined Country"
  • 1993 Gloria Lothrop, "Rancheras on the Land: Women and Property Rights in Hispanic California
  • 1994 David Weber, "Writers, Readers, and the Meaning of the Spanish Frontier in North America"
  • 1995 Richard Griswold del Castillo, "Cesar Estrada Chavez: The Final Struggle"
  • 1996 Donald Worster, “Landscape with Hero: John Wesley Powell and the Colorado Plateau”
  • 1997 Iris Engstrand, “The 18th Century Enlightenment Comes to California”
  • 1998 Richard White, “Disney’s Nature: Walt Disney and the Nature of America”
  • 1999 Norris Hundley, Jr., “Whither Californians and Their Water: Environmental Protection or Environmental Disaster”
  • 2000 Glenda Riley, “‘Saving the Wild West’: Women’s Role in the Early Conservation Movement”
  • 2001 Janet Fireman, "Horizons of Paradise: Perspectives on Los Angeles History"
  • 2002 Elliott West, “Listen Up: Hearing the Unheard in Western History”
  • 2003 Leonard Pitt, “The ‘Quiet Revolution’: The History of Neighborhood Empowerment in Los Angeles since 1850"
  • 2004 Stephen Aron, “The Afterlives of Lewis and Clark”
  • 2005 Roger Lotchin, “The Bad City in the Good War: California Cities in the Second Great War”
  • 2006 Phil Deloria, "Tear Down the Butte! Drain the Lake! Build Paradise!: The Environmental Dimensions of Political and Economic Power in Boulder and Benzie"
  • 2007 William Deverell, "Convalescence and California: The Civil War Comes West"
  • 2008 David Igler, “Captives, Hostages, and the Nature of Culture Contact on the Northwest Coast”
  • 2009 George Sanchez, “Edward R. Roybal and the Politics of Multiracialism”
  • 2010 Thomas G. Andrews, “Toward an Environmental History of Hubert Howe Bancroft’s Works: The Nature and Culture of an Audacious Western Enterprise.”
  • 2011 Steven W. Hackel, “Digging up the Remains of Early Los Angeles: The Plaza Church Cemetery”
  • 2012 Brian DeLay, “So Far From God, So Close to the Gun Store: Borderlands Arms Trading and the Travails of Mexican History”
  • 2013 Josh Sides, Jake-Alimahomed-Wilson, Scott Saul, Natale Zappia, “Post-Ghetto: Reimagining South Los Angeles”
  • 2014 Natalia Molina, “How the Starbucks Generation is Erasing Cultural History”
  • 2015 Dr. Margaret Salazar-Porzio, “Practicing Public History: California Stories at the Smithsonian”
  • 2016 Jon Wilkman, “Floodpath: The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles”
  • 2017 Stacey Smith, "From Citizens of Nowhere to Subjects of the British Empire."
  • 2018 Natale Zappia, "Food Frontiers: Native Landscapes and Power in Early North America"