Thomas W. Devine

Thomas Devine
(818) 677-3550
Office location:
Sierra Tower 624



BA, Georgetown 1990
MA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1993
PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2000

Courses Taught

HIST 271 US since 1865
HIST 301 Historian’s Craft
HIST 305 US Cultural History
HIST 342 World Since 1945
HIST 371 Problems in American History: 1865 to Present
HIST 474A US 1920-1960
HIST 474B US Since 1960
HIST 476 Youth Culture in the 20th Century United States
HIST 477 The Popular Arts and American History
HIST 479B US Economic History Since 1865
HIST 479L History of American Working People
HIST 485 Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1914
HIST 485A The United States and the Indochina War, 1960-1975
HIST 497 Proseminar
HIST 498 Tutorial in History
HIST 572 Colloquium in 19th Century U.S. History
HIST 573 Colloquium in U.S. History: Gilded Age and Progressive Era
HIST 574 Colloquium in Recent U.S. History
HIST 576 Colloquium in U.S. Foreign Policy and the Cold War
HIST 577 Colloquium in U.S. Social and Intellectual History
HIST 578 Colloquium in U.S. Economic History
HIST 579 Colloquium in U.S. Cultural History
HIST 583 Colloquium in U.S. Political History
HIST 630 Research Seminar in World History (World War I)

Selected Publications and Presentations

Henry Wallace’s 1948 Presidential Campaign and the Future of Postwar Liberalism (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2013)

Research and Interests

Currently working on a book project on U.S. youth culture during the early years of the Cold War provisionally entitled, “The View from under the Desk: American Youth Culture, 1945-1960.”